I’ll just leave this here for Comcast customers that want to downgrade their service

Here is the Official Comcast Customer Support answer for downgrading your service:

Change or Upgrade Your Service

To upgrade your services, please log into My Account and shop for upgrades. Or if you’d prefer, please call us at the number below and we can help.

If you’d like to downgrade or change your package, we are not able to do that online yet. However, our customer service agents are happy to assist you.

Please call us at 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489).


So there you have it. A Billion dollar cable and ISP company is INCAPABLE of providing downgrade information or availability ONLINE but UPGRADING IS AVAILABLE! I’m sure it’s just too technically taxing for them and has NOTHING to do with making their customers frustrated with monopolistic BAD SERVICE.

How often do YOU comment on things of which you have no clue?

Sometimes when I read Ars Technica, or other blogs both general and subject specific, which have a large commentator population, I get the impression that  a significant proportion of the commenters have no clue about what they write. In this article about the Police not liking Waze ‘tracking’ them you can tell that a LARGE part of the problem with some of the comments is that the people making those comments have never used Waze.

The Internet is a silly/horrible/awesome/frighting place.

Guilty ‘Pleasure’? Definitely NOT the right word. The econ blogs I read more than is good for my happiness.

Calculated Risk. This one can be a bit dry and focused on things I don’t particulary care about.

Economist’s View. This one I check often. It tends to be links to other noteworthy posts on economics and/or policy effects of econ.

House of Debt. Gets deeper than I can understand pretty often. Only check it rarely.

Naked Capitalism. This is one of my favourites and check it more often than any of the rest. The comments on contentious subjects can be even better than the posts. Plus Bill Black often gets quoted here and I really like his take on things.

Mainly Macro. Simon Wren-Lewis’ blog. He often gets quoted on Economist’s View so I like to check out what’s on his mind.

World of Warcraft Names

Just checked the ‘armory’ over at WoW to see how ‘unique’ my various character names tend to be. Here’s a list of my ‘names’ and how many characters show up with that name in WoW:

Berial 173
Bannock 140
Bannyn 4 (3 are me)
Brin 218
Bin 210
Brindal 87
Berack 107
Buryhl 3 (All me)

So it looks like I was wildly successful at a rather unique name exactly twice. (That 4th ‘Bannyn’ may also be me.)

Note: The names needed to be both unique and still look like a name, ‘afdaklsjf’ wouldn’t count.

The illness stretches on!

This GD cold just won’t let go! I have to say THANK YOU LORD that it isn’t the flu, and ‘just’ a cold but it’s overstayed it’s welcome and needs to get out of my life!

This whole thing started Friday, and I missed work on Monday and Tuesday. I probably SHOULD have stayed home Wednesday because the hacking and nose blowing was still in more affect than I am comfortable with. Even today, Thursday, a full 3 days after seeing the doctor and getting plenty of ‘steroid spray’ for my nose, I’m STILL coughing and hacking a bit.