Maximize Shareholder Value BS

You always hear that myth that corporation’s first duty is to ‘maximize shareholder value’. Well that’s bunk, and I want an easy place to keep the response when someone tosses that BS my way, so I’m putting it here.

NakedCapitalism has the scoop and ya’ll should check it out. It’s a great econ blog.


Also included on that page: 

UM needs some time to catch up to State in Bryant-Denny Stadium wins over Alabama.

These pages always crack me up.

Ole-Miss vs Alabama football history.

Miss. State vs Alabama football history.

Ole Miss basically ducked Alabama and didn’t play them if they could help it, for much of the beginning years of the SEC. Hell they didn’t play them AT ALL from 1945-1963. Alabama, Ole Miss, and MS State are all ‘founding members of the SEC’, yet Ole Miss found a way to NOT play Alabama for 18 years in a row. UM’s penchant to avoid games versus Alabama might explain why MSU has around 37 more games played against Alabama than UM.

Have to add that BOTH teams have dismal records vs Alabama, so I’ll give Ole Miss some breathing room. Perhaps in 37 more years of games they’ll have managed to win 8 times in Alabama’s Bryant-Denny Stadium, like State has, which is tied with LSU for the most of any program.

Geez. I’m actually not sure I’ll be around for 37 more football seasons. Here’s hoping!



My personal remembrances of Katrina

Still wish I’d helped Jim out more. For me the knowledge of what ‘the MS coast’ was like grew slowly. First I got reports from my radio because my power was out. Then I saw the images on TV when I helped out at MEMA (MS Emergency Management Agency)  by doing a 12 hour 7PM-7AM shift.  I THOUGHT I understood what it was like down there after that. Three weeks later I went down to the coast to help my friend clean out what was left of his house.


‘Cleaning out’ a house wasn’t getting furniture and loading up a trailer. It was taking everything out of the house and depositing it in a rubbish heap. Everything from furniture, to TV’s, Refrigerators, cabinets, drywall, and ceiling insulation. EVERYTHING had to go. You see the water got into EVERYTHING and black mold was growing everywhere. And this wasn’t just Jim’s home. It wasn’t even just their neighborhood. It was the whole damn coast.

So, sorry guys. So very sorry.

Also, So VERY VERY glad yall survived. You see, Jim road this out in his attic.

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Hearthstone’s new cards are hard on a free to play (mostly) player.

You REALLY feel the pull of the cash transaction in the ‘free to play’ games at times like these. Hearthstone just came out with a new set of cards and you’d swear that EVERYONE that plays the game(or at least play YOU) gave Blizzard the 50$ for the pre-order of 50 packs.  I payed them for the ‘Blackrock Mountain Adventure Pack’ and honestly that feels like money well spent. Paying for the Naxxramas adventure pack with gold was SUCH a long grind, that I didn’t want to do that again for Blackrock. But now that a whole new set of cards(MANY MORE than in an adventure set) has been released, I feel like I’m grinding to have ANY decent cards again, just like when I first started.

You just don’t know the frustration of having NO cards other than the ‘starter’ ones and the next thing you know, BAM, you play guys with 3 legendary cards and half a dozen epic ones. You just look at that ‘win 2 with this hero you have zero cards with and get 40 gold’ quests and think, HOW? It’s not QUITE that bad because I’ve got MONTHS worth of grinded cards behind me now but I am now at MORE of a disadvantage today than I was on Sunday.

It’s enough to make a guy consider just quitting. (Probably won’t though.)

I read tweets like this from my elected officials ALL THE TIME. 

#Obamacare is broken. Americans deserve a market-driven health-care system that puts patients first.

I always come away thinking that, either they are really stupid or they think I AM. I mean what did they think we had BEFORE ‘obamacare’ that we so desperately needed something like ‘obamacare’ to FIX?  A ‘market-driven health-care system’ is what was BREAKING THE COUNTRY!

Do these guys just have no ability to REMEMBER things? They must think that their constituency doesn’t.