And now, the vacation photos. Run while you can!

First off, I must say that we didn’t spend that much time at PAX-East this year. Only had a one day pass and there just wasn’t any video (or board) games that we were super interested in. Turbine had a really big setup for their new DC MOBA game “Infinite Crisis”. Carbine was trying to own PAX and had Wildstar stuff EVERYWHERE. League of Legends was huge, and I remember seeing long lines for Blizzard’s stand too. Everything else kind of just blended into each other. This year there were two things that stood out to me. First was the cosplayers. There were a LOT more of them this year than I’ve ever seen before. Some of them were really impressive too. Also, I was surprised some of them didn’t get tossed for “too much skin”. I remember Turbine had their ‘cheerleader’ from “Lolipop Chainsaw” tossed for that reason last year (or the year before. I forget.) The second thing was the schools. There were a lot of stands for schools that would teach various parts of video game creation/innovation. I actually liked seeing that.

Hate that this picture didn’t come out very well. But here’s the cutest cosplayer:

Little Link

Little Link

Next up we have the craft section. I really liked these fully functional computer “boxes”:

It's a x-box no it's a PC!

It’s a x-box no it’s a PC!

It's almost like a dune buggy!

It’s almost like a dune buggy!

. And of course there were the hand crafted ‘gaming tables’.

Gaming Table 1

Gaming Table 1

Gaming Table 2

Gaming Table 2

The sculptures were fewer but no less impressive this year. Here’s one from 2K

2K's new game stand had this guy protecting it.

2K’s new game stand had this guy protecting it.

Chris and Rachel LOVED this full sized ‘King of Tokyo’:

Full sized King of Tokyo

Full sized King of Tokyo


But my favorite was this computer box. IT MOVES! (I’ll try to get my video up later)

Train moved back and forth on it's track, but it's a computer box!

Train moved back and forth on it’s track, but it’s a computer box!

Had a fun vacation, in spite of Delta.

First the story of my first day of vacation.

8:30 AM: Awoke a bit later than I would for work, but still with plenty of time to get to the airport for my 1:05 flight to Atlanta and on to Manchester.

11:30 AM: I was all checked in and through security. Nikki was on her way to Columbus for a nice week with her family.

1:05 PM: Discover there is a mechanical problem with the plane. I use the 1-800 number handed out by the Delta staff to get put on the 3:05 flight.

2:20 PM: Finally get to the front of the line to get my new boarding pass.(In retrospect I should have gone to the other gate to do this.) Get new boarding pass printed, but the clerk tells me the original 1:05 flight is working and boarding. She helpfully puts me back on the original flight, and prints out ANOTHER boarding pass for the 1:05.

2:50 PM: Told to get off the plane because the ‘fix’ wasn’t approved by the FAA.Call the 1-800 number again, but told the 3:05 is full and I cannot change to that flight.

3:30 PM: Told the part to fix the plane is being flown into Jackson and the flight should launch at 5:30PM. I had a VERY long layover in Atlanta but this is really pushing it. I get second flight changed from Manchester to last Boston flight.

5:30 PM: Given two slices of semi-warm pepperoni pizza. There really isn’t any place to eat in the Jackson airport past security so I feel we’ve earned it.

5:50 PM: Told the ‘part’ they flew in from Atlanta is the wrong part. Flight delayed till 8:30. No hope of making any connecting flights. I ask for my luggage back. My luggage, however, made the 3:05 flight and is now in Atlanta. Having no keys to get into my own home I call Nikki to make the 3 hour drive back to Jackson to take me home. Delta helpfully puts me on the first flight out of Jackson the next morning.

9:00 PM: Nikki picks me up from the airport and we have an exhausted dinner.

5:35 AM (Friday): I wake up get my carry-on and Nikki takes me to the airport…AGAIN.

7:30 AM (Friday): I’m finally on a plane ready to go to Atlanta. But wait, there is a problem! Luckily</sarcasm> there are two Delta technicians that had flown in last night on the plane (I WONDER WHY!?) and they are able to fix the problem in 10 minutes. My vacation finally starts. I’m already stressed out and miserable. Thanks DELTA!

Elder Scrolls Online vs WildStar

It’s funny. When I first started paying attention to these two games and even after my initial beta access to both, I would have said that Wildstar was the game I would play. But now, after ESO has gone live and the start date for Wildstar ticks down, I’m going with ESO.

I only had access to ESO for ‘weekend betas’ and I’ll admit to being pretty bored and annoyed with ESO. They had a TON of quests bugged out so you couldn’t complete them and it was a really generic game. I skipped a couple weekends because I was simply not that interested. Then I went back and got a character to level 10 and did some PvP. FUN! Why hadn’t I seen tons of marketing about this part of the game? That ole ‘DAOC’ feel was back and I was loving it. My only concern was ‘will I get board of zerg WvW’? Maybe. Time will tell. I also found that playing with a friend or two in PvE is a LOT of fun. So I’m sticking with ESO for now, and probably as long as my friends play. They will probably quit the game first and THEN I’ll let it go.

What’s wrong with Wildstar? Well nothing much that I directly saw while in the beta, but their marketing (or at lest the part I’ve been exposed to so far) it ruining it for me. Everywhere I hear people talking about Wildstar the words that seem to keep coming up over and over are, “hardcore, Vanilla WoW, difficult”. I’m not now, nor anytime in the future going to be ‘hardcore’ with a game, because to me that just means “LOTS OF HOURS” and I don’t play that way. I have no real interest in being in huge guilds and ‘hardcore, vanilla WoW type raids’ sounds like a horrible game to me. There is a REASON Blizzard changed their game and all these ‘hardboys’ out there thinking that making things more accessible ruined the game can have fun playing without me. So the gameplay that I experiences made me think the game was going to be tricky but hopefully fun, but the marketing and the games ‘fans’ have made it clear I should avoid the game. I’ll have to look in on the game again in 6 months. See if things have changed.

Still Disspointed

The original post locked up a bit early. I’m re-posting it for comments.

I’ve been in the ‘planning’ stage of building a new PC for around a year now. I REALLY do hope to build it this year, probably sometime around July. Anyway, last October I put my build into PCPartBuilder so I could easily find the parts I’d chosen and quickly figure out a rough estimate of the cost. I’m very sad to see the price of the parts is just not going down after nearly half a year. Hell, overall the price has GONE UP!  Moore’s law is a lie!

The box is going to be a gaming box, and I mostly play MMO’s, FPS’s, Strategic games like Civ5, and single player adventure type games. Feel free to offer advice on the build, I’m really hoping to get something close to what is linked above (or better) for around $1.5K or less. When I first set it up the cost was just a touch over $1600, and now it’s almost $1700.