Not ready for my ‘next game’ quite yet.

I’ve been playing Elder Scrolls Online since it released, back in April. I play slowly these days, and my highest character is only 30 (out of 50 plus 12-13 veteran levels). Though I must say, playing alts is what’s really slowing me down. I have a level 30 Dominion Sorcerer, a 21 Dominion DragonKnight, a 27 Covenant Templar, and a 20 EbonHeart Nightblade. I think I’ll take the Sorc to veterans level before I even consider dropping the game. It’s a fun ride and I can see taking one of each faction to veteran level so I can see each factions ‘story’ completely. After that, I’ll have to check out PvP, and then I’ll probably be done with the game. I don’t see myself getting into group/dungeon runs which I think is the current PvE endgame.

I loved the PvP game in beta but once people started getting to veteran ranks they were so powerful compared to normal characters that I just didn’t see the point in even trying till I was comparably outfitted. They REALLY need to split the PvP into Vet’s only and everyone else, and I hear they are going to do that eventually. I hope it’s sooner rather than later.

Other than PvP I don’t see much of the endgame that really appeals to me, so I guess another month or two and I’ll be ready to move on to my ‘next’ game. I know some of my friends want to try out Wildstar, and I may let them talk me into it, but I take the game makers at their word, and if the game is ‘hardcore’ then it’s not for me. I’m definitely a casual player these days, and I figure the grind in that game will be a huge turn off for me once I hit 30+. I know I won’t be social enough to get in a big guild because I just don’t like being that social and I won’t be able to play enough to do long sessions of dungeon/raid content so what’s the point?

I may check out Divinity: Original Sin. I HATE real time ‘squad’ games but love the same when they are turn based. I don’t know why, it’s just something I’ve noticed. Blood Bowl turn based? Love it! Blood Bowl Blitz Real Time? HATE IT! Didn’t like Mass Effect or Dragon Age for the same reason. Divinity is turn based so I’m really thinking about checking it out. I may eventually check out the Warmachine: Tactics game too but no way in hell am I paying $65+ for it.

I got the last two Batman games during the last Steam sale so I will need to play those through at least once during my ‘down time’ from the multiplayer games. I have a friend that want me to try out some oldschool tabletop D&D (via Oh, and College Football is only a month away, and Comcast has signed up to carry the SEC Network! Should be fun! I think my fall is going to be full.

So basically the news sucks because viewers are children.

The Atlantic has a piece about analytics. They point out that people SAY what news they want to watch and read, but then the analytics say something completely different. We say we want vegetables but then eat nothing but candy.

Since Journalism isn’t really about news(was it ever?), but about advertising, can a capitalist system actually produce good hard news? Is there a market for it? Should there need to be?

If we say, forced all the broadcasters out there to deliver between 6PM-7PM an hour of news with “NO COMMERCIALS”, would it be watched, or would the population just turn to cable for that hour?

I think those of us that want ‘hard news’ are in for bad times.

I just wanted to get this out there. MS needs better Civil Engineers

Just looking at the way the new Academy Sports store’s street access is being set up it should be obvious to anyone that has to use Old Fannin or Flowood Drive during rush hour that it’s gonna royally screw up the flow of traffic. The amount of traffic that backs up on Flowood during the evening rush can ALREADY back all the way up to the light for Lowes, now they want to put a left turn right in the middle of that? Pretty obvious that someone is going to want to turn left on Flowood during rush hour (Instead of going to the light on Old Fannin to turn? Why would they do that Berial? Because of course they are. People don’t think while driving. They are too busy talking on their phones.) Once that ONE CAR decides to turn left against a sea of oncoming traffic everything behind that car is STUCK. And you get a logjam with NOBODY able to move. THANKS CIVIL ENGINEERS!

Look I appreciate that the Engineers in the area know HOW to make a road. I do. But didn’t they ever take some higher level classes that taught them traffic FLOW?  Hell just they way they’ve set up Old Fannin right now with 2 turning lanes works great during NORMAL traffic. But the evening return traffic has to have a police car blocking one of those lanes just to give traffic a CHANCE at working because they put a damn traffic light at Olympic Drive JUST as they decided to push the lanes together, AND the light favors the people coming out of the subdivision. It is a COMMON occurrence for traffic at Old Fannin and Flowood to NOT BE ABLE TO TURN AT THE GREEN LIGHT, because the light at Olympic is Red and preventing all the HUGH TRAFFIC coming onto Old Fannin from moving.

Oh, and speaking of Old Fannin, I know you aren’t done but you’ve put about a 1 inch difference between the concrete of the curb and the road itself. I’m no civil engineer but I’m pretty sure that means water will stack up in low places up to an inch BEFORE it can even START to hit the drains. THAT IS NOT GOOD GUYS!

Jackson area civil engineers. DO BETTER GUYS!

Blast from the past

I was looking through some documents I keep on my computer (I forget what I was looking for in particular) and I came across this little list. I have NO IDEA why I would have kept this list, but apparently I’ve had it since 2001. Enjoy:

The IT team felt that it would be good to provide you with this guide to help us do our jobs better:


1.  When you call us to have your computer moved, be sure to leave it buried under half a ton of postcards, baby pictures, stuffed animals, dried flowers, bowling trophies and children’s art.  We don’t have a life, and we find it deeply moving to catch a fleeting glimpse of yours.

2.  Don’t write anything down.  Ever.  We can play back the error messages from here.

3.  When an IT person says he’s coming right over, go for coffee.  That way you won’t be there when we need your password.  It’s nothing for us to remember 300 screensaver passwords.

4.  When you call the help desk, state what you want, not what’s keeping you from getting it.  We don’t need to know that you can’t get into your mail because your computer won’t power on at all.

5.  When IT Support sends you an email with high importance, delete it at once.  We’re just testing.

6.  When an IT person is eating lunch at his desk, walk right in and spill your guts right out.  We exist only to serve.

7.  Send urgent email all in uppercase.  The mail server picks it up and flags it as a rush delivery.

8.  When the photocopier doesn’t work, call computer support.  There’s electronics in it.

9.  When you’re getting a NO DIAL TONE message at home, call computer support.  We can fix your telephone line from here.

10.  When you have a dozen old computer screens to get rid of, call computer support. We’re collectors.

11.  When something’s wrong with your home PC, dump it on an IT person’s chair with no name, no phone number and no description of the problem. We love a puzzle.

12.  When an IT person tells you that computer screens don’t have cartridges in them, argue.  We love a good argument.

13.  When an IT person tells you that he’ll be there shortly, reply in a scathing tone of voice:  “And just how many weeks do you mean by shortly?” That motivates us.

14.  When the printer won’t print, re-send the job at least 20 times. Print jobs frequently get sucked into black holes.

15.  When the printer still won’t print after 20 tries, send the job to all 68 printers in the company.  One of them is bound to work.

16.  Don’t learn the proper name for anything technical.  We know exactly what you mean by “my thingy blew up”.

17.  Don’t use online help.  Online help is for wimps.

18.  If the mouse cable keeps knocking down the framed picture of your dog, lift the computer and stuff the cable under it.  Mouse cables were designed to have 20 kg of computer sitting on top of them.

19.  If the space bar on your keyboard doesn’t work, blame it on the mail upgrade.  Keyboards are actually very happy with half a pound of muffin crumbs and nail clippings in them.

20.  When you get a message saying “Are you sure?” click on that Yes button as fast as you can.  Hell, if you weren’t sure, you wouldn’t be doing it, would you?

21.  When you find an IT person on the phone with his bank, sit uninvited on the corner of his desk and stare at him until he hangs up.  We don’t have any money to speak of anyway.

22.  Feel perfectly free to say things like “I don’t know nothing about that computer rubbish.”  We don’t mind at all hearing our area of professional expertise referred to as rubbish.

23.  When you need to change the toner cartridge in a printer, call IT support.  Changing a toner cartridge is an extremely complex task, and Hewlett-Packard recommends that it be performed only by a professional engineer with a Master’s Degree in nuclear physics.

24.  When you can’t find someone in the government directory, call IT support.

25.  When you have a lock to pick on an old file cabinet, call IT Support. We love to hack.

26.  When something’s the matter with your computer, ask your secretary to call the help desk.  We enjoy the challenge of having to deal with a third party who doesn’t know anything about the problem.

27.  When you receive a 30mb (huge) movie file, send it to everyone as a mail attachment.  We’ve got lots of disk space on that mail server.

28.  Don’t even think of breaking large print jobs down into smaller chunks.  Somebody else might get a chance to squeeze a memo into the queue.

29.  When an IT person gets on the elevator pushing $600,000 worth of computer equipment on a cart, ask in a very loud voice: “Good grief, you take the elevator to go DOWN one floor?!?”  That’s another one that cracks us up no end.

30.  When you lose your car keys, send an email to the entire company. People out in Podunk like to keep abreast of what’s going on.

31.  When you bump into an IT person at the grocery store on a Saturday, ask a computer question.  We do weekends.

32.  When you bring your own personal home PC for repair at the office, leave the documentation at home.  We’ll find all the settings and drivers somewhere….

Thanks, IT Support

And now, the vacation photos. Run while you can!

First off, I must say that we didn’t spend that much time at PAX-East this year. Only had a one day pass and there just wasn’t any video (or board) games that we were super interested in. Turbine had a really big setup for their new DC MOBA game “Infinite Crisis”. Carbine was trying to own PAX and had Wildstar stuff EVERYWHERE. League of Legends was huge, and I remember seeing long lines for Blizzard’s stand too. Everything else kind of just blended into each other. This year there were two things that stood out to me. First was the cosplayers. There were a LOT more of them this year than I’ve ever seen before. Some of them were really impressive too. Also, I was surprised some of them didn’t get tossed for “too much skin”. I remember Turbine had their ‘cheerleader’ from “Lolipop Chainsaw” tossed for that reason last year (or the year before. I forget.) The second thing was the schools. There were a lot of stands for schools that would teach various parts of video game creation/innovation. I actually liked seeing that.

Hate that this picture didn’t come out very well. But here’s the cutest cosplayer:

Little Link

Little Link

Next up we have the craft section. I really liked these fully functional computer “boxes”:

It's a x-box no it's a PC!

It’s a x-box no it’s a PC!

It's almost like a dune buggy!

It’s almost like a dune buggy!

. And of course there were the hand crafted ‘gaming tables’.

Gaming Table 1

Gaming Table 1

Gaming Table 2

Gaming Table 2

The sculptures were fewer but no less impressive this year. Here’s one from 2K

2K's new game stand had this guy protecting it.

2K’s new game stand had this guy protecting it.

Chris and Rachel LOVED this full sized ‘King of Tokyo’:

Full sized King of Tokyo

Full sized King of Tokyo


But my favorite was this computer box. IT MOVES! (I’ll try to get my video up later)

Train moved back and forth on it's track, but it's a computer box!

Train moved back and forth on it’s track, but it’s a computer box!

Had a fun vacation, in spite of Delta.

First the story of my first day of vacation.

8:30 AM: Awoke a bit later than I would for work, but still with plenty of time to get to the airport for my 1:05 flight to Atlanta and on to Manchester.

11:30 AM: I was all checked in and through security. Nikki was on her way to Columbus for a nice week with her family.

1:05 PM: Discover there is a mechanical problem with the plane. I use the 1-800 number handed out by the Delta staff to get put on the 3:05 flight.

2:20 PM: Finally get to the front of the line to get my new boarding pass.(In retrospect I should have gone to the other gate to do this.) Get new boarding pass printed, but the clerk tells me the original 1:05 flight is working and boarding. She helpfully puts me back on the original flight, and prints out ANOTHER boarding pass for the 1:05.

2:50 PM: Told to get off the plane because the ‘fix’ wasn’t approved by the FAA.Call the 1-800 number again, but told the 3:05 is full and I cannot change to that flight.

3:30 PM: Told the part to fix the plane is being flown into Jackson and the flight should launch at 5:30PM. I had a VERY long layover in Atlanta but this is really pushing it. I get second flight changed from Manchester to last Boston flight.

5:30 PM: Given two slices of semi-warm pepperoni pizza. There really isn’t any place to eat in the Jackson airport past security so I feel we’ve earned it.

5:50 PM: Told the ‘part’ they flew in from Atlanta is the wrong part. Flight delayed till 8:30. No hope of making any connecting flights. I ask for my luggage back. My luggage, however, made the 3:05 flight and is now in Atlanta. Having no keys to get into my own home I call Nikki to make the 3 hour drive back to Jackson to take me home. Delta helpfully puts me on the first flight out of Jackson the next morning.

9:00 PM: Nikki picks me up from the airport and we have an exhausted dinner.

5:35 AM (Friday): I wake up get my carry-on and Nikki takes me to the airport…AGAIN.

7:30 AM (Friday): I’m finally on a plane ready to go to Atlanta. But wait, there is a problem! Luckily</sarcasm> there are two Delta technicians that had flown in last night on the plane (I WONDER WHY!?) and they are able to fix the problem in 10 minutes. My vacation finally starts. I’m already stressed out and miserable. Thanks DELTA!