MS State’s first game

I was able to learn a lot more about Ole Miss from their first game than I was from MS State. It’s not that State didn’t play well, they did fine. No the problem was the opponent. Southern Miss was just so bad, I have no idea how good MS State really is, and I don’t expect the next two opponents to show much either. I guess I’ll just have to wait till the LSU game to know what MSU is working with and toward this year.

I guess on the positive side, they’ll get 3 games to work out the kinks before being tested. One the negative side, they may get lazy or complacent after 3 easy games.



Ole Miss’ First Game

I haven’t made any prediction about MS State or Ole Miss this year, and honestly I don’t plan to. I’m just going to enjoy the ride that is the college football season. I will say just a few things about UM’s first outing.

  1. Coach Freeze is going to have to make damn sure the team gets their head in the damn game. No excuse for that many penalties, first game ‘jitters’ or not.
  2. Ole Miss is going to have problems running up the middle with that O-line.
  3. Boise State isn’t a powerhouse. Ole Miss looked mediocre against them for three quarters. UM needs to up their game if they intend to contend for the SEC West.

As for Texas A&M, I’m HOPING that South Carolina is just awful on defense because otherwise this does not bode well for the Mississippi team’s chances.


SC had NO ANSWERS for A&M’s offense. NONE!

Ferguson, Missouri

Anyone else noticing a distinct difference in coverage between major media and internet media of what’s going on in Ferguson?

Lots of internet sources reporting about people getting angry and frustrated at authorities. And why.

Lots of mainstream reports of threats to police and looting. Not much about why.

Report shows that refusal to expand Medicaid hurting Red States.

Reading another post by Cottonmouth I have to wonder if ‘Red State’ voters will ever figure out the trap they are in. The Red States as part of their strategy to oppose President Obama in every way they can have refused to expand Medicaid or in a lot of cases to implement State exchanges as part of the ACA. Those states high number of uninsured will continue to suffer, bringing the economy of their states down with them, but those true believing voters of those red states simply will not accept what the Democrats say, when they tell them that their own elected officials are to blame for that. How long will this continue? Will the suffering just have to continue until morale improves?


Local Politics; is texting suspicious?

I’ve decided to lay off of the national politics blogs for awhile and focus on local versions. It’s been quite the eyeopening experience. I think the guys (it’s mostly guys) covering the state are doing a pretty good job, and I try to read them even if their politics are quite different from mine. The blogs seem to be run by well educated people that try to keep themselves informed, and I think THAT may be the reason all of them seem to have no time for a lot of the Tea Party nonsense, even the more ‘conservative’ ones. They all rely heavily on local newspapers and news stations to keep them informed, so that’s making me re-consider a subscription to the Clarion-Ledger. I’m pretty sure I still wouldn’t read the paper version, but I might read the online version more.

Anyway, the story that jumps out lately, is of course, the MS Senate race, but I actually want to talk briefly about something else. The theme of political corruption is the main driver of this post by ‘CottonmouthBlog‘ poster “Cottonmouth”. The reason it pops out to me is that my place of work is mentioned in relation to the corruption. I have NO IDEA if the allegation is true or not, I’m in no way related to the story and have no personal knowledge of the situation. But I do wonder if ‘text messages with a contractor’ is an issue. I text message several contractors all the time. First, they are personal friends that I know FROM WORK but like to hang out with outside of work, and secondly, they can actually help me solve problems here at work because they worked on the systems I’m tasked with supporting. Is just the act of texting a contractor really all that suspicious?

If US Representatives were actually based upon the smallest state’s population

Political Post so ignore: (I saw this mentioned as a needed change to the gerrymandered house and decided to figure out the actual numbers.)

A quick back of the envelope calculation of how many representatives each state would have if the representatives were chosen based upon the smallest state’s population.

Wyoming’s population is the smallest at 582,658. So they would get ONE representative and every other state’s number of representatives would be determined by dividing that state’s population by Wyoming’s and rounding up.

Currently we have 435 Representatives. Under this rule we would have 567 and they would break down thusly:

California 66
Texas 46
New York 34
Florida 34
Illinois 23
Pennsylvania 22
Ohio 20
Georgia 18
Michigan 17
North Carolina 17
New Jersey 16
Virginia 15
Wasington 12
Massachusetts 12
Arizona 12
Indiana 12
Tennessee 12
Missouri 11
Maryland 11
Wisconsin 10
Minnesota 10
Colorado 10
Alabama 9
South Carolina 9
Louisiana 8
Kentucky 8
Oregon 7
Oklahoma 7
Connecticut 7
Iowa 6
Mississippi 6
Arkansas 6
Utah 5
Kansas 5
Nevada 5
New Mexico 4
Nebraska 4
West Virginia 4
Iaho 3
Hawaii 3
Maine 3
New Hampshire 3
Rhode Island 2
Montana 2
Delaware 2
South Dakota 2
Alaska 2
North Dakota 2
Vermont 2
Wyoming 1
Total: 567