Republicans are too nuanced for me.

Below is an advertisement from the Republican National Committee.

So wait, let me make sure I understand this position they are taking.

Government Healthcare = socialism.  Socialism = bad.

Except when it’s medicare? So socialism is OK for seniors but not for everyone else. WTF republicans?

If medicare, which is government run health insurance, is so great that we need a ‘bill of senior rights’ to protect it; why is expanding it or something like it, to cover everyone in our society a socialist dystopian horror? Why is offering a public option to a 27 year old lead to ‘death panels’ and the apocalypse, while offering it to a 65 year old is peachy keen and to be protected to the last breath? Also note that none of the current batch of health care reforms being offered even go this far.

It sound to me like the Republicans like to scare people. Especially old people, who just happen to vote more than any other age demographic. And that they are doing a decent job of it too. I mean the only way they could make it more obvious would be to just come out and say “those horrible socialist democrats are going to reform healthcare and the result will kill you if you are a senior!” why you ask? “Because then your level of coverage would be the norm.” WTF? I just don’t get it. Or maybe I do, and I don’t understand why it works.