Typical news article

See this news article: WAPT

Some things that jumped out at me:

Jackson Public Schools have 4,500 employees, but only 2,200 of those are teachers. The rest are administrators or support staff.

Rankin County Schools have 3,000 employees and 1,600 are teachers.

• Rankin County Schools pays 1.95 percent of its budget to administrators.
• Madison County Schools pays 2.03 percent of its budget to administrators.
• JPS pays 2.92 percent of its budget to administrators.

If 2-3 percent of a schools budget goes to administrators where does the rest of the budget go? Is most of a budget going toward something other than people’s paychecks? The article makes it seem as though more is being payed to administrators than teachers but if that is the case then only 5-6 percent of a schools budget is going towards both teachers AND administrators.

Are the news guys playing a statistics trick? They make it look like 50-55% of a schools employees are administrators but they stuck the ‘support staff’ in there and it could be THAT is where a lot of the actual number of people comes from and therefor administrators are actually a small percent but it’s unclear in the report.

Overall I find this article typical of what passes for ‘news’ these days, and I don’t feel they actually told me anything. They threw some numbers against the wall and hoped some of them would stick. I certainly don’t feel I’ve been thoroughly informed enough to make an informed opinion on anything.

Does anyone else feel differently about this?