I piss me off

Had one of ‘those’ days today. Been working in a Microsoft Access database for work. I’m having to write some VBA scripts to import some data into the Access database so it can then produce some XML for me. Anyway, I was ALMOST done today around 2 when my latest test of the script caused the DB to infinitely loop and CTL-BREAK did NOT stop it. So, I had to stop the entire DB and re-load it, no big deal right? Well here is where I piss myself off. I hadn’t saved that script I was working on at all and when the DB came back it was gone, never to return. So just like that, a day and a half of code <POOF> gone in a  puff of idiocy of my own making.

I almost wanted to cry. <sigh> Save early and often.

PS: I hate MS Access.