No links just words about the HCR mandate lawsuits

With the way the Supreme Court has become decidedly corporatist lately, I’m not sure which way they would vote on the legality of the health care reform insurance mandates. One the one hand, the mandates will give insurance corporations a lot of money and on the other the government is legislating giving lots of money to corporations, so I can see the SCOTUS having a real crisis of faith on this one. I predict the ‘liberal’ members of the SC to vote for the legality of the mandates, but I really have no idea which way the ‘conservative’ members will vote.

The reaction to the decision will be interesting for sure.

If they decide that the mandate is illegal then the far left will have been proven correct, that a public option is our only way to actually reform health care in this country. This middle way of ‘keeping it corporate’ will have failed. A ‘win’ for the far left but a ‘loss’ for the Democrats because their signature legislation will have failed. Without the mandate, the insurance companies will go out of business with the current plan and the plan will pretty much have to be scrapped.

If the SCOTUS decides that the mandates are legal then the Democrats get a huge ‘win’ and I’m not sure where (other than the ballot box) the Republicans can go to pillory the health care reform. This decision would be a ‘loss’ for the far left however, because the public option that they want so badly will be decades off, if it ever comes.