That left a mark

My ego got hurt yesterday. Nice crushing blow from Staten.

Monday one of the Websphere server applications I’m responsible for stopped accepting input from EPA. I found this odd because nothing had been changed on the server or the application. I check it out. Find nothing wrong with the app. Time passes as I go through everything over and over again. Eventually I figure out the problem is with Websphere and not the application itself. The ‘problem’ was that two of the certificates in the Websphere trust store had expired. I refresh them and everything should be cool. But it wasn’t. Spent the next 2 days trying to figure this out finally going to Staten for help. In ONE HOUR he noticed that some comments in one of the configĀ  files was no longer commented. A quick reboot of Websphere and everything works normally. Most likely I altered the config file myself, before finding the cert. problem, and had been looking at it so much afterward it just blended into the background but still it made me feel like an idiot.

Thanks Staten.

PS: I really do mean thanks to Staten. The rest is just me being an idiot.