What is the point of insurance if it doesn’t pay for anything?

I have dental insurance that I pay for through my employer. I pay more now that I’ve added my wife to my coverage. I’m looking over an ‘explanation of benefits’ papers that the insurance company sends you after your dentist sends in a bill to them.

Back in January my wife went to her dentist. Here is the list of charges:

Description:                                         Total Charged:                   Not Covered:

Periodic Oral Evaluation                                 40.00                             40.00

Bitewings – Four films                                    55.00                             55.00

Prophylaxis – Adult                                        70.00                              70.00

Total                                                             165.00                            165.00


So by my math the insurance payed for exactly diddly squat. WHAT THE FUCK do you pay these people for if they don’t actually cover ANYTHING you get charged for?