Lotus Notes still sucks.

Another in a long line of adventures in Lotus notes.

Today my Lotus notes is popping up a Security Alert.

Notes has been asked to execute a potentially dangerous action by a program on your system. You have not authorized the signer of the program to perform this action.

The program is signed by our Notes admin, who isn’t at work today and who has not notified me of any probable security alerts. So being the diligent little worker bee that I am I choose “Do NOT execute the action” as “What to do”. So now I get to have that same annoying security alert pop up over and over all damn day. At this point I’m about willing to just execute the damn program and let it do whatever the hell it’s gonna do. At least it would be less annoying than hitting a ‘Do NOT execute the action’ button every 10 minutes for the rest of the day. Did I mention that I cannot interact with my actual email while the popup is active? Because I can’t.

Do Exchange users have as many complaints about Exchange as Notes users do about Notes? Because I’m about ready to just forward all work mail to a g-mail account and never open the Lotus Notes client at work ever again.