Took advantage of E-Waste day at Cowboy Maloney’s.

It feels good to FINALLY get rid of all the electronic junk sitting around my house. I had a whole car full of e-waste I was able to get rid of properly, and it only cost me a buck. I had a monitor (which is what cost me the buck), like 5 old modems/csu/dsu units, couple hubs, a DVD player, like two old VHS players, an old scanner that I never used, a TIVO, more computer speakers than I care to mention, and tons of electronic brick-brak and cables I had left over from the various computers I’ve built over the years. Hell the TIVO was still working but it was an original non-HD version and I couldn’t even give it away. I would have got rid of my old Sony WEGA TV but that thing weighs 200 pounds and I’d need help to even think of moving it.

Anyone else thinking of getting rid of their electronic junk; things like computers and computer components, fax machines, radios, TVs, phones, VCR and DVD players and such, go down to Cowboy Maloney’s downtown on 1313 Harding Street today before 2:00 and they’ll take it off your hands. TV’s cost 10$ and monitors cost 1$, everything else is free.


This has been a PSA.