Sucks to be a Mississippi school in the SEC this year

Well State watched one of it’s two chances at an actual SEC win drop to the ground, much like a football thrown at one of it’s receivers. State is a mediocre team, and no matter what the ranking, so is South Carolina. SC was one of the ‘maybe we can sneak in a win’ games this year for State. I think they could have done it, if it weren’t for those darn pesky receivers and their coaching staff too! State isn’t known traditionally as a passing school, I get that, but if they can find a QB that can actually HIT you with a football you should be honor bound to catch the damn thing. Watched as State receivers refused to stretch out, even pull in arms to avoid, well I don’t know what they were trying to avoid other than catching a ball. And what is with the play calling?  They hardly call an option when Relf is in the game last week but they dial up over half a dozen when they put in Russell? WHY? Anyway, not happy with the result, but still hoping (not expecting, just hoping) State can get to 6 -6 this year. It’s hard for an average ball team out there in the SEC West this year.

Speaking of the SEC West, if it’s hard out there for an average team it’s down right murder for a below average team. Ole Miss, in the words of Bill Murry; got, “Blown UP, sir!” Ole Miss scored early and got everyone’s hopes up, then reality settled in and the ass whupping began. Hard to watch, and I can only hope (there’s that word again) that MS State can keep it within say 21 when we play ‘Bama.  At the beginning of the year I expected Ole Miss to go 4-8 and I still think that is how it will turn out, though I am much less sure of State beating them in the Egg Bowl.

I know these things cycle up and down, but what will finally cause the SEC; and specifically the SEC West; to finally lose it’s dominance? Will it be a coaching change somewhere, or perhaps some serious NCAA penalties? It’ll be something, but right now there just doesn’t seem to be anything to slow down Alabama, and LSU, (they just reload every damn year) and Arkansas and Auburn are ready to jump in if either of those slip. Florida, Georgia, SC, and Tenn need to step it up or there really isn’t much need of a SEC championship game.


Beer: Sam Adams Oktoberfest. I’m sure Ole Miss fans needed more alcohol than State fans this weekend, but it was a drinking weekend for both.