This week in Mississippi Football

MSU won.

This is how pretty much everyone thought it would go. Kentucky is beyond bad this year. State could move on them at will and that was good, because State had WAY too many turnovers, and against a halfway decent team, would have lost; turnovers kill. I was disappointed in the defense, especially later in the game, when it seemed Kentucky was able to move the ball pretty well. State, even at this late date, is still very much a work in progress. I was glad to see Relf back in at QB on 3 out of the 4 scoring drives MSU had. I think MSU must have been hiding an injury, because Relf finally looked like ‘himself’ during this game.

I’m still hoping for 6-6 or 7-5 this year. With the way Arkansas is playing, maybe we can catch them playing ‘flat’ for a whole game and not just a half of one and have a chance for a late season upset.

UM lost.

This is pretty much how everyone thought it would go. UM is bad this year, (though I think they can beat Kentucky). The thing is, Ole Miss has flashes as competence. When I flipped over from the State game they were tied 17 all, then, when I flipped back after the State game, they were being blown out. I didn’t watch enough of the UM game to really comment, other than to say, it seems they are still only able to play for half a game. I hope they can fix that(but not against State thanks!)

Beer: Not much. Drinks were had at the Halloween party the day before. Some awesome home brews from Thile and Triple B Brewery.