That football thing


State beat UT Martin like a drum. State was SUPPOSED to beat UT Martin like a drum. I was not watching much of the State game, because I was watching the HUGELY ENTERTAINING (to me at least) LSU/Alabama defensive struggle. I was NOT impressed with MSU’s defense. In fact, I would go so far as to say I am WORRIED about MSU’s defense. I think it could be a VERY, VERY sad day in Starkvegas next Saturday, when Alabama gets finished taking out their frustrations on MSU. Try to keep it within 30 guys! Good Luck!

State has made it to 5-4 on the season. I’m of the opinion we have NO CHANCE against Alabama next weekend, but I’ll give us something like a 30% chance against Arkansas. I would really prefer a 6th win BEFORE we play Ole Miss. You can just never tell which way an Egg Bowl will go and I’d like our post season to NOT be determined by that game.


My Dad told me he was worried about this Kentucky game. I had a couple Ole Miss grads that told me the same. I told them all not to worry about it, because Kentucky is REALLY, REALLY bad, and Ole Miss is simply Really bad. Guess they were right and I was wrong. Ole Miss is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY bad. That stinker they laid against Kentucky was so bad, I’m wondering if Nutt is just trying to force the school to fire him, so he can get his big payday and walk away.

I have been of the opinion that Ole Miss CAN’T afford to fire Nutt this season, and will have to hold onto him for at least one more season, or at least until after they do something about their AD, but if Nutt loses big to Miss State this year, after losing 12 other SEC games in in row, I think that may just be one toke over the line.  Even if the timing is ‘wrong’, I predict Nutt isn’t the coach of Ole Miss next year.


As I mentioned before, a hugely entertaining game to me, but I love defense. These were, despite appearances otherwise, two adequate offenses playing against two freakishly amazing defenses. Two defenses that still managed to make some mistakes, but not enough to alter the focus of the game. If I were Alabama I’d be searching the intramural fields for some soccer player or co-rec kicker that can kick a 30+ yard field goal. It cost them the game.

Also, for the record, I do NOT want a rematch of these teams. One, it would be kind of unfair to LSU; you’d basically be telling them, you have to beat Alabama twice (and one of those times AT ALABAMA!) in one year to be champ, but Alabama only has to beat you once.  Second, if there are other undefeated teams, they deserve the shot at LSU. ‘Bama had their shot (AT HOME) and missed. This is football, you only get one shot.

Am I the only one that thinks it’s going to be a little unfair if LSU is in the BCS title game when it’s held in the Super Bowl? Talk about home field advantage!


Beer: Samuel Adams Latitude 48 IPA (because I just like them dammit!)


EDIT: Addendum: And not 10 minutes after I post this, I’m being told that Nutt is fired and will ‘lame duck’ coach the rest of the season. We’ll hear about it officially at 2PM today.

2nd EDIT: And now ESPN is saying both Boone and Nutt are fired. Am I getting a two’fer outta this post?