Weekly football post

MSU lost to Alabama 24 – 7.

The loss was NOT unexpected, and I guess State fans looking for a silver lining can take solace in covering the spread. The defense actually looked decent in this game, but the offense couldn’t do much of anything; and what is it with Bama and place kickers this year, even State missed 2 chances. I can’t be the only one completely disappointed with the result of getting the ball on the four, only to have the offense go BACKWARDS, and then miss the field goal. FAIL! MAJOR FAIL! Also, I must add, one of the offensive tackles kept jumping and moving us back 5 yards over and over. Give that SOB a shock collar and light him up every time he does that from now on! Bad DAWG no Biscuit!

If Mullen has a fault it is getting too conservative on offense, and he started to do that in this game, but in the end he decided to just throw the kitchen sink at Alabama. Unfortunately for State, even the sink didn’t make much difference in this match.

I’m giving State around a 1 in 3 chance against Arkansas. I REALLY want to see that bowl eligible 6th win.

Ole Miss lost to Louisiana Tech 27 – 7.

This loss wasn’t completely unexpected, though I didn’t think it would be such a one sided blowout. I think this game just shows that after the announcement of Nutt’s departure, the team has given up, and you can pretty much write the rest of the season off. If Ole Miss shows up for another game then, I expect them to play hard in the Egg Bowl. I expect Mississippi State to beat them anyway. It’s just that kind of year for the University of Mississippi. 3-9 is extraordinarily HARD to live with, 2-10 exponentially worse.

Beer: Grolsch (in those cool 4 pack bottles) and some Sam Adams Lat 48.