Last weekly football update for the season

MSU: Won!

Yippee ki-yay we’re going bowling MF! Golden Egg stays home and State gets a bowl; not a bad year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a bit disappointed. I was hoping for an 8-4 year, and State was probably 3-4 plays away from that, but those plays didn’t happen and so, you get 6-6.  I think Coach Mullen has his job cut out for him for next year. There are needed improvements on both sides of the ball and I just don’t know where the personnel is going to come from for those improvements.  Hope we win a fun game in the bowl this year nonetheless.

Before I move on,  I want to give a big ‘Thank you!” to Chris Relf. You’ve done a marvelous job while at MSU, you took a lot of punishment from both the other teams we played, and from State fans. I wish you and all the seniors leaving MSU, all the best. Good luck to you all!

Ole Miss: Lost

As has been the case all year, Ole Miss STUNK! They were BAD, HORRIBLE, <insert derogatory term of your choice here>. MSU was passable, but made to look unbeatable by the pathetic mess that is TSUN’s football program. I have NO idea who will be UM’s coach next year, but he’s got one hell of a job in front of him, cleaning up this mess. If Ole Miss wins more than 4 next year, color me impressed. (They really were that bad this year. I don’t see anything to ‘grow’ on, better to just burn it all down and start over.)


Beer: I was at the in-laws for most of the weekend so I was drinking Bud Light. Once I got home I was able to get some Sam Adams Holiday. I like it! Still need to find that Chocolate Boch everyone keeps talking about.