A person might be smart but ‘people’ are stupid

I think the title sums it up nicely and that’s pretty much all I have to say.

Star Wars has been released into the wilds and the wilds are proving once again, just how stupid they can be. I can understand some peoples frustration and complaints. Especially legitimate complaints like ‘the game lags out and crashes even though I have a powerful computer’.  But the complaints in the SWTOR forums are enough to have Mother Teresa want to strangle the posters through the internet.

A bit of advice to people trying to play Star Wars The Old Republic.

‘Heavy’ and ‘Full’ servers are about to have queues. Unless you have friends on a specific server DO NOT play on a full or heavy server.  Queues are not much fun.

If you have friends that are on a queued server they don’t have much fun waiting either. Try to convince them to start over on another server. It’s not like you lose much of anything but frustration by doing this. They could ‘lose’ at most a weeks worth of play and are they playing to have fun or is this some sort of work that they are getting college credit for? You don’t really ever ‘lose’ anything.

If your friends insist on playing on a full server and you can’t get on without waiting for 30+ minutes. I’d suggest you just not play with your friends for another couple of weeks. Yes it sucks, but the queues for a new game go away for most servers after a couple of weeks or the first month. Once the queues are gone you can start on that server then. The game is a MMO, not a race to 50, you aren’t missing anything but frustration looking at a queue bar slowly count to 0.

Do NOT go to the SWTOR to complain about how you are going back to WoW because this is the worst game ever, and WoW never sucked this bad. You’ll just get laughed at because WoW DID suck this bad from time to time when it launched and it’s not like the community is going to miss you. Just go back to WoW and enjoy playing a game you actually enjoy playing. SWTOR will be around for a while. You can always come back if the problems at a launch of a game bothers you that much.

And this last bit of advice is for me and people like me. DO.NOT.READ.THE.GENERAL DISCUSSION.FORUMS.OF.SWTOR.THE.FIRST.MONTH. Maybe not ever. The scum and villainy of Mos Eisley has nothing on the scum and idiocy of the forums of a MMO or a political blog.