Recently Watched

Haven’t done any video reviews in awhile, so I’ll do one quickly.

Watched a bunch of first episodes of the ‘watch instantly’ list from Netflix to see if anything could catch my attention as worth continuing.

Shows that only got me through the first episode:

Gun x Sword

Nabari no Ou

Baka and Test

School Rumble

I watched all of Rin: Mnemosyne and Angel Beats.

Rin is about immortal women trying to keep the world together from some insane male angels. It’s got sex (good bit of it lesbian) and a LOT of gore. These ladies get messed up something good but just like me after turning into a newt they got better. It can be a bit dark, but it’s short. Not unhappy that I watched it. I’ll give it a 3 (maybe 3.5) out of 5.

Angel Beats is about a high school of the recently deceased. Kids that died feeling unfulfilled (or basically feeling that God screwed the over, some really horrible back stories) get a chance to do it again and get it right. Once they are ‘happy’ they move on. One problem, these guys don’t really wanna fit in and the #1 school  student insists on conformity. Really strange fights ensue, considering you can’t stay dead here. From what I see and hear the pain still hurts though. I thought it was an interesting idea and done decently for about 9 episodes. In the last 4 episodes it all kinda falls apart though. I’ll give it a 2.5 out of 5.

Also I’ve seen the first DVD of ‘Chuck’. I’m not to happy that getting the DVD’s is the only way to (legally) watch this series that I’ve found so far. At 1 DVD at a time it’s gonna take me several weeks to watch the whole series even if I watch the entire DVD as soon as I get it. Oh, well. The idea looks interesting and the characters look like fun. I think I’ll like it. And lets face it getting a bunch of DVDs and watching entire seasons quickly is the BEST and most enjoyable way to watch ‘TV’. (At least for me it is.)