Guess I won’t be playing the new SimCity…dammit.

Ars Technica that wonderful website full of techy nerdness has just put up some information about the latest addition to the SimCity line of sandbox games. I’ve bought and played all the previous SimCity games but EA has found a way to keep me from coughing up my cash. The game sounded like a sure thing with all the improvements they’ve added and the fact that you could play online cooperatively and then THIS happened:

“With a required Internet connection to play, some might be worried that SimCity will run into Diablo IIIstyle server problems at launch.”

“That said, the game is designed to be played in that persistent, multiplayer world, so players won’t be able to gleefully destroy a city and then go back to an earlier save file as if nothing ever happened, for instance.”

EA is making one of my favorite all time single player games online-only AND removing my ability to use save games to fix a screw up? Thanks but no thanks and NO SALE! I’ve got plenty of other single player games willing to let me play offline like I want to take my money. EA seems to not care what it’s customers want.

Speaking of EA not caring about customers take a look see at this article from Destructiod about EA’s Origin service. Here’s the money quote:

“DeMartini also pointed out that Steam sales can engender in gamers a wait-and-see attitude, teaching customers, “I might not want it in the first month, but if I look at it in four or five months, I’ll get one of those weekend sales and I’ll buy it at that time at 75 percent off.” That’s not an unreasonable thought for cash-strapped gamers in an economic downturn, but it’s obviously not ideal for developers and publishers.”

I guess EA has never seen a game on sale before Steam. I’ve bought tons of games from Steam BECAUSE THEY WERE ON SALE! Hell I bet at least a third of the games I’ve bought from Steam were bought on sale and I would NEVER HAVE GOTTEN THEM IF THEY WEREN’T! I’m playing the hell out of Civ 5 RIGHT NOW, losing sleep trying to get in ‘just one more turn’ before turning it off, and I’m doing that because Steam had a MASSIVE 75% off sale on it. I simply wasn’t willing to pay more for it than that price point. I’ve got PLENTY of backlogged computer games to play. I really don’t need anymore for quite a while, but if you offer me a great sale you just might get my money. If EA isn’t willing to offer me great sales then that simply means THEY AREN’T GETTING MY MONEY! I swear it’s like EA thinks they are doing it’s customers a favor just existing or something. If they aren’t willing to offer sales as good as their competition (STEAM!) then guess what, I and MOST OTHER GAMERS, will simply keep going to Steam for our games.

So, congrats EA, if you keep this up, you’re basically putting yourself out of my(and everyone else’s) misery.