Weekend movie review

This weekend my Dad stopped by, and that gave me a chance to watch the new ‘True Grit’ that had been sitting on my Netflix instant play queue for awhile. I really enjoyed the new version. The music was what really got me, strangely enough. I guess I just really like the beginning/ending song. Hear it in church all the time. Watch the movie if you want to know which one I’m talking about. Also, in this version of the movie everyone can act. So that’s a big plus.  ‘True Grit’ gets 4 out of 5 stars.

Forced Dad and the wife to watch Season2 disc 2 of ‘Chuck’. Still loving this show. It always delivers some laughs, and even though neither of them would get it themselves, I think they both enjoyed watching it. Thought Dad was going to burst a blood vessel laughing at a couple of places. Favorite line from this disc, “What? I wasn’t hatched ya know!” – Casey after hitting a ‘High-C’ note and admitting he was a choir boy. Not giving the series a star rating till it’s over, but I suggest you just start watching. It’s a good funny series.

After Dad went on down to visit my Sister and babysit his grand kids for a week or so, I turned on ‘Thor’. This movie really did a good job of leading into ‘The Avengers’ and while not nearly as good as Avengers was, it’s still a good fun comic movie. I also liked seeing that J. Michael Straczynski wrote the movie and Kenneth Branagh directed. I’m a big fan of both men’s work. I’ve been a fan of Straczynski since Babylon 5,  and have loved Branagh even longer, since I saw his version of ‘Henry V’ probably 18-20 years ago.  Gotta give Shakespeare credit, that Saint Crispin’s day speech is just about the best war/pep talk you’ll ever listen to, and I really enjoyed Branagh’s version of it. ‘Thor’ gets 4 out of 5 stars.