Computer build; request for assistance

I have built almost every computer I’ve ever used, but the last one I purchased from Dell, around 4-5 years ago. My last purchase I used the excuse of “getting a Dell is only around $50-100 more, so building isn’t really worth it”. Well, I’m not using that excuse again. It IS worth it. I’ve just not been happy with the Dell. The performance has been fine, but I don’t like the case at all. It’s way to bulky and frankly poorly made.  So I’m going back to the basics and building my next video game box. I’ve tooled around my usual haunts and gotten some good ideas for a build from Ars Technica. I also check out The Tech Report for ideas, because they seem to do hardware reviews more often and in more detail than Ars.

This is the first iteration of my new PC build. I build my box for gaming, and I try to get ‘middle price point’ parts, so that I get the biggest bang for my buck.  I’m trying to keep the computer in the $1500 or less price range and as you see I’m a little over right now. It’s been around 8 years since I built a computer and 4-5 since I even looked into the components of building one, so I could use some help in the planning stage for sure.  Please feel free to offer ideas, and criticisms. I especially want opinions about the video card. I may be over buying getting a GeForce 670; would a GeForce 660 Ti, or the equivalent Radeon(7950 I think) be plenty of card for my needs?