Got my first Guild Wars 2 character to max level.

Can I get a “Whoot! Whoot!”?

Finally got my elementalist up to level 80 in Guild Wars 2. So far, I’ve ONLY been doing normal PvE/Story line play with it. My plans are to finish the personal story line and then try to get 100% map completion. I may try to do a lot more of the jumping puzzles as well. I’ve strangely found them to be¬†frustratingly fun.

Next, I’ll try to get my Thief and Ranger up to 80. I’m not sure I’ll ever do a dungeon. My small group of friends tried to do the level 40 ‘Caudicus Mansion’ this weekend and it ended in tears. We didn’t even come CLOSE to being able to figure out how to beat this place. My friends have NO DESIRE to try a dungeon again, so I guess I’m done with them too, unless I get a random invite some night and decide to go for it.

I don’t think my friends have any interest in PvP either, but I do intend to try out both the structured PvP and the WvWvW(I pronounce it wubwub). Right now, on my 80, I really need to figure out my stats a bit better. I bought a whole bunch of level 80 rare gear, and am now pretty much broke but hopefully it’ll make doing the story line easier. I have NO idea if the gear actually ‘fits’ with my playstyle and build.