Ten Days

In ten days the Berial.com URL will be sold at auction. They currently want 1800$ for it. I find this laughable, but who knows, maybe they WILL sell it. I hope they find a buyer, and that buyer wants to buy me out for the same price!

If that buyer isn’t found I wonder what will happen to Berial.com? Guess I’ll just have to wait 10 days to find out.

In the mean time I went ahead and re-upped Berial.org, net and info for two more years. I will probably need to find a new purpose for the website. Something that I will enjoy a bit more. It is a bit frustrating that NO BODY ever reads what I say. I can get ignored for free why should I pay a fee to be ignored!


PS: I still have no idea why ANYONE would expect to get $10 much less $1800 for Berial.anything.

EDIT: HA! Jokes on me, they extended the auction till April 24th!