Not every bad habit or ‘thing’ comes from video games guys!

So I’m reading the internet and come across this piece from “Throwing down your sidearm: A video game training scar?“, and my first thought is “Oh, boy. Here we go again.” I read the article and sure enough, Video Game = Bad. ┬áHave these guys not watched a movie, tv or cartoon in the last 30 years? People throwing guns around all over the place in them. You know where they DON’T just toss weapons around all the time? Most video games. ┬áMost video games will have the protagonist either swapping weapons or holstering one to draw another. I’m really not sure why these guys think you learn to toss guns around in ‘Call of Duty’. The worst thing about CoD is thinking you can easily run at top speed for a half hour at a time and kill people shooting at you from across maps with just a knife.


An example: