As many of you may already know, my ’05 Honda Accord was declared a ‘loss’ due to the hail damage. The insurance company took the car but gave me a very good price for it. I am going to miss that car for quite a long time. Other than the dents in the body THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT CAR! Sigh.

Anyway, taking the cash the insurance company gave me and adding some of the cash I had saved (for a PC that I won’t get for another couple of years now) I was able to get a 2012 Ford Focus SEL sedan. (Pics below.) Its a bit smaller than the Accord but gets great gas mileage, handles well and has some interesting electronics in it. My ‘complaints’ about it include cloth (not leather) seats and no XM/Sirius satellite radio. My biggest positive about the car? IT IS PAYED FOR, BABY! BOOYAA!

Nice ride

Front view of the new ride

Back view

Back end of the new car.

Left-Rear of 2012 Ford Focus SEL

Left-Rear view

Driver's side interior

Front seat view from driver’s side.


Console '12 Focus SEL

Console. Not a ‘touch’ screen as the top end models have.

Backseat of the car

Backseat of the car