So fire the guy that put all the SEC games on at the same time!

With that out of the way, there is no joy in Mississippi this week.

Mississippi State played a great game for around 45 minutes. Then they turned to unadulterated shit. 28 points in the last quarter? For crying out loud LSU’s coaching staff wasn’t even TRYING to score the last half of the quarter. They were calling things like dives over and over and the MSU defense wouldn’t TACKLE the son-of-bitch. It was a PATHETIC display of giving up, and I blame the coaching staff for that. That’s 3 complete failures that I put on the coaching staff’s shoulders so far this year. This staff sucks.

Don’t know what happened in the Ole Miss or Southern Miss games. Southern must be even worse that I thought to have lost to FIU. WTH GUYS? As for Ole Miss, I know there were some turnovers, but I’ll have to have the Ole Miss faithful fill me in on what happened. Was Auburn just better than thought or Ole Miss weaker? Both?

Not sure what to expect going forward. MSU shows flashes of being an actual good team, but then just folds completely before the end of the game. Ole Miss should be in for a hard stretch in their schedule. Could be a long season.