Someone should do this

Why hasn’t someone ‘invented’ a business that does this:

1) Writes proposals for government (federal, state or local) contracts.

2) Learns the ACTUAL people you need to know to get through the bullshit ‘hoops’ that were set up just to prevent ordinary people from participating.

3) Writes those proposals for a fee or percentage?

We need this middleman for small to medium sized companies that can ACTUALLY do a good job for less than the HUGE companies that exploit their knowledge of #2 above, to get way overpaid for the jobs they seem to ALWAYS get.

You don’t pay 500$ for toilet seats unless you’ve specified the seats are made of something incredibly expensive or only one or two HUGE companies know they’re going to get the contract.

PS: I’m way to lazy, unpopular, and ignorant to create this business myself.