Just how bad is Tyler Russell according to MSU coaching staff?

I know this question is unfair in a lot of ways, mostly because I think Russell is pretty good. But you KNOW a question like that had to be going through Tyler’s mind during the South Carolina game. Dak Prescott had 3 interceptions and 2 fumbles on the day. (He recovered one of his own fumbles.) SC got 16 points off those turnovers. Is Dak’s 16 points and 4 turnovers still BETTER than Tyler? Or asked another way, is Russell so bad according to the coaching staff, that 4 turnovers is BETTER than the value he brings to the team?

Look I get it, Prescott is the future, but he isn’t there yet. He needs seasoning, and I actually wish they stayed with the two quarterback system for a bit longer. We play differently with the two QB’s and I’d think that would make the defense’s job harder.

My position is this. MSU coaching SUCKS! I’d be okay with keeping Mullen if he got new defensive and offensive coaches under him, otherwise I’d be okay with cleaning house at the end of the season. I know that isn’t a popular position and it seems I’m jumping the gun, but I don’t see any positive gains the team has made in the last two years. I see a team that is REGRESSING. Mullen hasn’t proven he can beat good teams, and State’s team loses whatever momentum it has in the second half of every game this season!

I will be AMAZED if MSU makes it to 6-6 this year, and I expect a very disheartened team and fan base over the next two weeks(A&M and Alabama).