Bit overwhelmed by the response

I went back and played Guild Wars 2 again this weekend after around a 6 month hiatus. I just LOVE the fact that I can go back and play without it costing me anything. I had forgotten how pretty the game world was and how much I really enjoyed the ‘vistas’ they put into the game. Because I was a bit uncertain(flat out couldn’t remember) how to play my level 80 characters, and the game was throwing all sorts of new information and requests at me about those guys I decided to just run around on a level 12 character.

While doing the vistas in the Human starting area ‘Queensdale’ I took some screenshots during the vista camera pan. I was surprised to find out that dropbox was saving them for me, so I shared them on Google+. The response on G+ was a bit intimidating. I’ve never had so many people comment on one of my posts or give me so many ‘+’ ones.

Thank you guys, I think I’ll continue to take screenshots of the various vista’s I hit in game.

I also decided to give Arenanet some cash for their ongoing support of the game. I bought $10 worth of ‘gems’ and used those to purchase a new character slot. I’m now running around the icy homeland of the Nords on a new Necromancer.