Am Dissapoint

I’ve been in the ‘planning’ stage of building a new PC for around a year now. I REALLY do hope to build it this year, probably sometime around July. Anyway, last October I put my build into PCPartBuilder so I could easily find the parts I’d chosen and quickly figure out a rough estimate of the cost. I’m very sad to see the price of the parts is just not going down after nearly half a year. Hell, overall the price has GONE UP! ¬†Moore’s law is a lie!

The box is going to be a gaming box, and I mostly play MMO’s, FPS’s, Strategic games like Civ5, and single player adventure type games.¬†Feel free to offer advice on the build, I’m really hoping to get something close to what is linked above (or better) for around $1.5K or less. When I first set it up the cost was just a touch over $1600, and now it’s almost $1700.