Still Disspointed

The original post locked up a bit early. I’m re-posting it for comments.

I’ve been in the ‘planning’ stage of building a new PC for around a year now. I REALLY do hope to build it this year, probably sometime around July. Anyway, last October I put my build into PCPartBuilder so I could easily find the parts I’d chosen and quickly figure out a rough estimate of the cost. I’m very sad to see the price of the parts is just not going down after nearly half a year. Hell, overall the price has GONE UP!  Moore’s law is a lie!

The box is going to be a gaming box, and I mostly play MMO’s, FPS’s, Strategic games like Civ5, and single player adventure type games. Feel free to offer advice on the build, I’m really hoping to get something close to what is linked above (or better) for around $1.5K or less. When I first set it up the cost was just a touch over $1600, and now it’s almost $1700.