I’m about done with Elder Scrolls Online.

First off I gotta say, one thing ESO does need to change is the stupidly punishing way it treats it’s crafters. You just will NOT have enough bank space to hold all the materials you’ll need if you want to do more than one or two crafting professions. There is absolutely NO REASON to punish such players, by making them have to create ‘alts’ to hold all that crafting material. Just loging off and onto the alts can take 15-30 minutes out of your day. There is no reason you should make players spend that much time NOT PLAYING YOUR GAME, but waiting to get characters and bank slots adjusted SO THAT YOU CAN PLAY! Set up ‘crafting bank slots’ to hold all that crafting material including pets like Guild Wars 2 does it, shrink the starting bank size by half, and your players will enjoy your game that much more, because they don’t have to waste time in game but NOT PLAYING IT.

I’ve got two main characters going in Elder Scrolls Online. A Sorcerer that I mainly play duo with a friend, and my solo Templar. They are in different factions and seeing different stories as they level up. Main story is the same for both characters, but the zone quests are very different and tell some fun stories. Still, I think I’ve about reached the end for me. The only real push I feel right now is to get to 50 and ‘beat the game’ by seeing the end of the main story-line, but the Templar is 43 and I’m not sure I care enough to get those last 7 levels.

I could re-try PvP which I initially loved in beta, but once the game became dominated by the veteran ranked players I just didn’t enjoy it any more. I haven’t gone back in months though. Things may have changed and I should probably check it out again.

I mainly play MMO’s so I can play with my friends, who are spread around the country about as far as they can get from where we all started. Literally. One’s on the East coast in the North East, the other is on the West Coast in the North West. One time zone difference isn’t to bad but 3(hell 2) really is too much. Maybe I should stick with some single player games for a bit. ESO isn’t bad by any means, but I’m just kinda tired of it. I almost always play solo these days, and I figure if I’m going to play solo anyway, there are a lot of solo games that that I could be trying out.