Back on the wagon. WoW edition.

So I spotted some friends playing WoW again.My reaction was similar to this, but I re-upped my account anyway. Haven’t been playing long but I’ve gone from 85-88 on my Paladin and have only just finished THE FIRST PANDA ZONE! I’ve really only replaced 2-3 pieces of gear, including my 2 hander sword. Unlike cataclysm it seems the gear isn’t RADICALLY better immediately.

It really did take me a couple of days to re-integrate into the game. I haven’t played in 3 years and I couldn’t remember anything. Plus half of what I remembered has changed. I decided to drop holy and pick up retribution for leveling the pally. Hopefully the trip to 100 will be fun.

In the mean time, I’m off to Columbus for Thanksgiving where I’ll have no internet. So no updates from me for a bit. Here’s hoping for some great football this weekend and a good family time for everyone!