Hearthstone’s new cards are hard on a free to play (mostly) player.

You REALLY feel the pull of the cash transaction in the ‘free to play’ games at times like these. Hearthstone just came out with a new set of cards and you’d swear that EVERYONE that plays the game(or at least play YOU) gave Blizzard the 50$ for the pre-order of 50 packs.  I payed them for the ‘Blackrock Mountain Adventure Pack’ and honestly that feels like money well spent. Paying for the Naxxramas adventure pack with gold was SUCH a long grind, that I didn’t want to do that again for Blackrock. But now that a whole new set of cards(MANY MORE than in an adventure set) has been released, I feel like I’m grinding to have ANY decent cards again, just like when I first started.

You just don’t know the frustration of having NO cards other than the ‘starter’ ones and the next thing you know, BAM, you play guys with 3 legendary cards and half a dozen epic ones. You just look at that ‘win 2 with this hero you have zero cards with and get 40 gold’ quests and think, HOW? It’s not QUITE that bad because I’ve got MONTHS worth of grinded cards behind me now but I am now at MORE of a disadvantage today than I was on Sunday.

It’s enough to make a guy consider just quitting. (Probably won’t though.)