Blood Bowl 2 has a ‘vs AI’ mode and it’s BEATING me!

Look, I know I’m not ‘great’ at the game by any means. I’m also not a TOTAL noob, but damn it is both embarrassing and annoying as hell to LOSE a game of Blood Bowl (BloodBowl2 for those interested.) to the damn idiot AI.  I tend to play ‘bashy’ teams like Orc or Dwarves. I’ve also got a Chaos team going they are ‘kinda bashy’ but pretty weak starting out with no skills. I’m REALLY NOT HAPPY that when playing a skaven team MY TEAM is the one with 2 injured, 1 dead and 2 KO’ed, while he had 1 injured and 1 KO’ed. Just on average he should be the one hurt but the whole damn game was me failing rolls AND re-rolls and him NOT.   I shouldn’t let it get to me but DAMN this is really pissing me off.