5/15-5/21 Anime review. “Haganai”, “INVADERS of the ROKUJYOMA”, and “My Bride Is a Mermaid”

Haganai: Skip
Invaders: Stream
Mermaid: May be worth buying, definite watch.

Longer version:
“Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai” (“Haganai”):
This show had two seasons but no ending. Worse yet, I don’t think it will GET an ending, which is too bad because it was starting to come to a conclusion at the very end of the second season.  I’ve since read up what I could find online about the series, and apparently the original writer of the light novels had a huge falling out with the editors of the anime and wrote a ‘horrible’ ending to his novels, so the anime is dead. No conclusion means I just can’t recommend it. Basically this harem goes no where so just avoid it.


This series also doesn’t conclude, but there may be future seasons to rectify that. If there does end up being a second (or even third) season and they end up as good as this first one, this’ll be a definite recommend.  It’s not anything really new in the harem genre but I actually liked all the characters in this one. The main character isn’t an idiot, the girls aren’t either, and I like that. They all have their definite agenda’s and they clash, but they are all finding ways to appreciate and work with each other. The magic/sci-fi/ghost combo just works here and I fully expect a time travel arc in a future season. I usually HATE time travel in TV and movies but I think it may actually work here.  I’m recommending this one be watched but just stream it. The recommendation may change if it does/or doesn’t get future seasons.

“Seto no Hanayome” (“My Bride Is a Mermaid”):
This one basically has a conclusion after the first 26 episodes. There was an OVA but it’s basically just 4 short stories showing the wacky going ons in the characters lives. Basically this story is, “Drowning boy gets saved by a mermaid. Mermaid law demands they marry. Mermaid’s family is actually Yakuza and her Dad thinks a better solution is to just kill said boy because nobody touches his precious precious daughter!” Hi-jinks commence.  I know this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and I’ll admit the first half of the first episode is kind of ‘meh’, but I was laughing my ass off the rest of the way.  This show was hilarious and I say that after watching it in English. (Usually a sub kind of guy but the English voice actors did a really good job here.)  I’m not going to say more here but I’m seriously considering this a series I’ll buy. At the very least find a way to stream this if you can.

As per always I’m trying not to spoil anything in the ‘review’ above, but I’ll gladly delve into them in the comments!