5/26-6/3 Anime Review: Isuca, and Infinite Stratos

Isuca: Stream
Infinite Stratos: Stream

Isuca: 5/10
‘Normal High-School guy’ (they are very rarely NORMAL are they?) Shinichiro Asano lives alone and needs a job. While going home one night a woman flashes him, turns into a centipede, tries to eat him, gets saved when centipede dies from magical arrows. Que tsundere Sakuya Shimazu, who saves the day. This is about as typical a series as you’d expect with the girl’s family of magicians playing as the background for the drama. It’s NOT a harem, (which I require at least 3 girls/boys to classify) but it is about two girls trying to win the boy, with one winning by the end. So you do get a bit of ‘romance’, but mostly it’s just the usual shonen tropes. If you are in the mood for something cliche, but quick, this one works. It’s only 10 episodes, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time with it. I recommend skipping it for the most part, unless you want something right down this ally. In that case it’s worth streaming.

Infinite Stratos: 7/10 (but only if you like fan-service shows)
Okay let me throw out a few descriptors in order of importance: Only one guy, Fan-service, Harem, Super School, Mecha, MORE fan-service.
If those words interest you, then this is a really fun show. I’ll admit I wasn’t much in the mood for this kind of show when I watched the first episode, but it turned out to just be fun for me, and I watched the whole thing. For once I actually ENJOYED the fan-service, and even fell for the ‘best girl’ BS these shows like to have their fans do. (French girl wins! Who will you pick?) Don’t expect the show to make much sense, don’t expect a girl to ‘win’, and you can have a lot of fun out of this series. If you aren’t in it for the fan-service, I’d say skip this one, otherwise this was a really fun fan-service show, and I’d recommend streaming it.

Partials this week: Anti-Magic Academy: The 35 Test Platoon, The Testament of Sister New Devil, Chivalry of a Failed Knight, Denpa Kyoushi, Love, Election and Chocolate.
Test Platoon: short so I should finish it.
Sister New Devil: typical shonen fighting show with a side order of ecchi.
Chivalry: basically THE EXACT SAME SHOW as Asterisk War, so I’m skipping it.
Denpa Kyoushi: The main character doesn’t interest me, so I may skip this one. Can’t find it anywhere but Youtube as well.
Love, Election and Chocolate: I can’t find anywhere but Youtube, so I’ll probably skip it till I can find it streaming somewhere.

As per always I’m trying not to spoil anything in the ‘review’ above, but I’ll gladly delve into them in the comments!

Any suggestions to changes I should make to the style of review let me know as well.