6/4-6/18 Quick Anime Reviews: “Monster Musume everyday life with monster girls”, “Recently, My Sister is Unusual”, “Oreshura”, and “Place to Place”(acchi kocchi)

Monster Musume everyday life with monster girls: 4/10
In this world, mythological creatures like centaurs, mermaids and all the rest exits and are entering into exchange student like agreements with humans so both species’ cultures can learn from each other. Which is just another way to set up a harem with girls that are all half-some sort of animal. (Snake, Horse, Spider, Fish, even a spider.) I didn’t find it all that funny or interesting after the first episode. Overall I’d skip this one.

Recently, My Sister is Unusual: 5/10
Stopped and started this one a few times simply because it had an initial ‘ick’ factor. (You’ll know it when you see it.) Once I finally was willing to ‘go with it’, it turned out okay…I guess. Basically a girl has died, but manages to haunt another girl that has just moved in with her new father and brother after her mother’s marriage. The ghost girl wants to engage in all sorts of ‘relationship’ fun with the brother whom she apparently knew before she died. The new sister is shy and reserved and doesn’t want ANY such relationship. Ghost girl ‘engages’ quite aggressively, after she possesses her new host, but the girls tend to fight over their body all the time and it leads to ‘hijinks’. Like I said, it turns out okay, but there is an ick factor and I sill wouldn’t recommend it. Skip.
[Aside: What is it with Japan and sibling relationships? Yech!][Second Aside: In this case they are step siblings but still.]

Oreshura: 6/10
This is a harem show and like many of the genre kind of forgettable, but I actually liked the characters, though the ‘density’ of the male lead is, as always, annoying. No girl is ‘chosen’ in the end of this harem, though I’ll give main character credit, he did try. But for a guy that doesn’t believe in ‘love’, he sure found himself soaking in it. I’d also like to mention that the shows ‘colors’ made it feel ‘washed out’ all the time. Was a bit distracting for me. Still, I’ll give it a stream recommendation.

Place to Place(acchi kocchi): 6/10
Sweet slice of life. Get the feeling it’s from a 4 koma with quick funny skits. More time waster than anything but there were some really funny parts. If you are in a hurry can can find a lot of the ‘funny bits’ on YouTube with the name ‘Acchi Kocchi’. I found myself laughing uncontrollably on episode 10, at the ‘bear suit’ hijinks. Recommend you stream it.

I’ve also parts of these anime: Anti-Magic Academy: The 35 Test Platoon, The Testament of Sister New Devil, Chivalry of a Failed Knight, Denpa Kyoushi, Love, Election and Chocolate, Place to Place, and Glasslip.

As per always I’m trying not to spoil anything in the ‘review’ above, but I’ll gladly delve into them in the comments!