[7/1 – 7/9] Quick Anime Reviews: Kamisama Dolls, Silver Spoon, Anne-Happy

Silver Spoon: 7/10 [2 Seasons 22 Episodes total]
Hachiken Yuugo fails the entrance exams to get into his choice of High School. So he decides to run away from his overbearing father, by entering a school as far away as possible that requires the students to stay on campus. Thus starts his everyday life in Oezo Agricultural High. And oh my! Does this city boy have a LOT to learn about farm life. If you are the least bit interested in how a farm ‘works’, this is a good intro anime showing a lot of what goes into it. This story is two seasons long for 22 episodes, and I feel I could have watched another 40. There is a lot of story here and I think there could be a lot more story to tell if they wanted to try. And if they do, sign me up to watch! At minimum stream this one. May be worth buying, the animation quality is really high.

Kamisama Dolls: 6/10 [13 Episodes]
The story starts with our main character Kyouhei running away from his past, after giving up all his power and privilege by leaving his village for Tokyo. Aki, our bad guy, is on the run from the same village, obsessed with finding Kyouhei. Why? For revenge or something else? Your past is a hard thing to escape and as the village sends more and more of it’s more powerful members to find Aki, they keep pulling Kyouhei and his new friends into a dangerous game of small village cut-throat politics. If this series had a second season as good as the first one, it would get promoted to 7 out of 10, but I think the (Real Life) Earthquake ruined the animation company and so we’ll only ever get this first season. Pity. With just this I’d say stream it if you find the premise at all interesting.

Anne-Happy: 6/10 [12 Episodes]
Silly little slice of life show about four of the unluckiest girls you’ll probably meet, and one girl who’s bad luck is an ocean compared to the other’s great lakes. Fun and short. Stream it if you want some silly slice of life from some cute girls doing their best in odd/bad situations.