Quick Anime Reviews: “Outbreak Company”

Outbreak Company

Rating: 5/10

Episodes: 12

Harem, Comedy, Parody, Fantasy, Magic

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Shinichi Kanou is an otaku of all things animé, manga and video games; he’s also basically a hikikomori until he fills out an online test of his knowledge of said animé, manga and all things video games. The online test was to determine if the taker would be a good fit for a very special job, but the job had no definition. After passing the test and actually showing up for an interview, Shinichi’s world takes a turn for the weird. He finds he’s been recruited by the Japanese government to spread ‘otaku culture’ into a fantasy world and Shinichi couldn’t be happier! Said fantasy world has a direct two way magical portal to Japan, and the government wants to open another trading partner for all it’s cultural wares. Shinichi can’t wait to evangelise to all the humans, elves, and dwarves of this new world about his favourite things in the universe. His personal tastes and twisted perceptions are both a blessing and curse as he ends up the main ‘ambassador’ to the Eldant Empire. But is everything as it seems, or is there something underhanded going on?

Shinichi just doesn’t seem to be the sort of person a harem would build on. I really don’t like worlds with slavery of any sort. Ending was a bit too neat and cliché for me.

I LIKE that Shinichi doesn’t like slavery and class distinctions. He’s pretty much useless in a fight from start to finish, but he CAN think like the politician when he needs to. You might think that would be a complaint or dis-like, but a shut-in otaku SHOULDN’T be useful in a fight against trained military, fantasy OR modern defense forces.

Watch two episodes if you are still interested continue, otherwise it doesn’t get better.

Do not read if you do not want a mild spoiler.

You were warned.

I didn’t like the cold turn of the government in this one. It has a VERY “American” feel to it. Everything out of Hollywood is about ‘distrust of authority’ and this show has it as it’s endgame. Apparently the makers of this show don’t trust their own government to be a force for ‘good’ in the world, but just another selfish group of politicians out to grab as much power as they can. It’s not an optimistic outlook. While I can understand that point of view, and hell even have it myself most days, I did find it a bit disappointing.

I also found the situation of Shinichi disliking class distinctions, while simultaneously having a ‘maid’ that makes it very obvious she is ‘beneath’ him, and an Empress making it very obvious she is ‘above’ him, while BOTH obviously like him, an interesting topic this animé could have explored more.