Quick Anime Reviews: Konosuba

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!


Rating: 8/10

Episodes: 10 Seasons: 2

Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Another World

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After dying in a pathetic and embarrassing manner, shut-in NEET, Kazuma Satou finds himself in front of a beautiful goddess named Aqua. She tells him he can be teleported to a fantasy world with all his memories intact and ONE magical item, and if he can somehow defeat the ‘Demon King’ that’s raging there, he can even come back and be reincarnated to a life of luxury in Japan. After tons of jokes at his expense, and general obnoxiousness towards him, Kazuma decides in a fit of pique to take Aqua with him instead of an item. The heavens agree; but boy howdy Aqua does not! It doesn’t take Kazuma long to realize what a mistake he’s made though, because Aqua is almost totally useless in this new fantasy setting. When she isn’t getting further into debt while not adventuring, she’s making things actively WORSE for the party WHILE adventuring. Realizing that he’s totally unprepared for hardships of adventuring life Kazuma tries recruiting some party members. Enter Arch-Mage Megumin and Crusader Darkness (aka Lalatina Ford Dustiness). These two ‘advanced class’ adventurers end up having weird quirks that quickly show why no other parties will take them. Megumin ONLY uses explosive magic, which she can only use once per day and is so wiped out afterwards she can’t even stand, and Darkness is a total masochist that can’t hit ANYTHING with her sword, but loves being a wall (ie: getting hit!) for her party. Hilarity ensues.

NOT ENOUGH EPISODES TO SATISFY ME! MOAR!!!! Also the very last arc of the second season is a bit weaker than the rest in my opinion. Hopefully there are more seasons coming.

To many to list, but mostly I laughed so hard, I was worried I’d burst a blood vessel and/or give myself a headache. No seriously. I haven’t laughed like this in a LONG time!

Watch. Watch it RIGHT NOW!! If you aren’t LOL’ing by the end of the first episode you are dead inside.

I will say the first season wasn’t quite as funny on the second viewing, but it’s hard not to just laugh till you can’t breath watching Aqua get ‘traumatized’ over and over, usually because of her own mistakes or bad decisions.