Quick Anime Reviews: Konosuba Season 2

Konosuba Season 2

Rating: 8/10

Episodes: 10

Adventure, Comedy, Magic, Fantasy, Another World

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Season two finds our misfits falling back into misfortune as Kazuma is declared a terrorist in league with the demon lord and no one will stand up for him. Well, no one competent at least. If you’ve seen the first season you know what to expect, if you haven’t, GO WATCH THE FIRST SEASON!!

At one point I DID think I was going to burst something from laughing so hard. The last ‘arc’ was a bit weak compared to the earlier bits.

If the first season’s humor works for you, this one has it in spades. They REALLY let you get some fun out of Darkness this season too! That girl ain’t right! I’ll laugh my guts out if it turns out that ‘cool guy’ that the parents were trying to hook up with Lalatina ends up being the demon lord or something like that!

Watch. If you liked the first season watch this SOOO HARD. If you didn’t like the first season skip this as it’s more of the same (also what is WRONG with you!?? :p )

I’ve not heard anything about ANOTHER season but I really hope it happens.