Quick Anime Reviews: Mayo Chiki!

Mayo Chiki!

Rating: 5/10

Episodes: 13

Harem, Comedy, School

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Kinjirou Sakamachi has gynophobia due to his mother and sister constantly using him as a punching bag. His mother is a ‘super strong professional wrestler’ and his sister wants to follow in her footsteps. Because of his fear of women Kinjirou is considered a very odd duck at school, and the other odd ducks at his school are Kanade Suzutsuki, the headmaster’s daughter, and her ‘goes to school with her, “butler”‘ Subaru Konoe. Kinjirou is doing his best to just get through his school life while avoiding all contract with the girls around him. But, as these shows always do, he’s not going to get a quite life. Turns out one day when his stomach is really bothering him, he walks into Subaru using the stall and it turns out Subaru has a REALLY big secret. “He’s” actually a cross-dressing girl. “Hilarity ensues” when Subaru and Kanade decide to cure Kinjirou of his condition in payment for his silence on the matter. Expect all the typical harem hi-jinx to commence…because they do.

Story is about as contrived as you’d imagine. Subaru is cute but it never goes into WHY she insists on being a ‘butler’. I mean, I get that her family has been in such positions for a long time, but a woman can be fill that role right? Just call it something other than ‘butler’?

Subaru is cute, and I’d bet the light novel or manga this show is based on has some fun parts later in the story but you aren’t going to see it here folks. Why is Kanade starting to fall for Kinjirou too? I’d almost like to see the story focus on THAT pairing instead of Subaru but that’s not the OTP(On True Pairing) the story hints at.

Skip unless you want a harem time waster.

Do the girls in these types of show even KNOW any other males besides the lead? I mean, why would EVERY SINGLE GIRL want to get closer to this guy that refuses to even TOUCH them?