So what’s the economic or political answer to ‘rents’?

This evonomics article points out the harsh truth that LAND value increases in the UK are largely what’s responsible for most of the economic ‘growth’ there. (Read the piece!) After reading it, I understand what the author sees as a problem in that ‘owners’ are getting an unearned windfall while those that don’t own land are being screwed. But what is the economic, in this case actually POLITICAL, answer to this ‘problem’?  I’m not sure there is a way out of this trap.  Capitalism often has to be ‘saved’ from the capitalists by politicians, but this time the capitalists have made damn sure they own the means of ‘politics’. Who’s going to save capitalist from themselves this time and how?

Football predictions: updated

At the beginning of the season, I predicted State to go 7-5 with losses to LSU, Georgia, Auburn, Alabama and Arkansas.

I predicted Ole Miss to go 6-6 with losses to California, Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Texas A&M, and MSU.

So far, that means for MSU I missed on the LSU game and I’m hoping I was wrong about Arkansas too. I’m adjusting the prediction to 9-3.

For Ole Miss I missed on Arkansas, that I thought they’d beat. I now do NOT think they’ll beat Kentucky, or A&M either, putting them at 4-8.

I had predicted that the year could be as bad as 5-7 for State or as good as 10-2 for Ole Miss. I REALLY missed the direction the two teams were going to go this year, with State being a LOT better than I thought (even with a really tough schedule) and Ole Miss being a HELL of a lot WORSE than I’d thought. Sadly for Ole Miss I don’t think the next couple of years are going to be any better for them with the NCAA stuff hanging over them; while State seems to have a pretty good season on call for next year. We’ll see.

10-12-2017 Quick Anime Reviews: Tsuredure Children, AHO-GIRL, My Hero Academia

Playing more WoW than watching Anime. Crunchyroll is happy with me I guess.

Tsuredure Children: 4/10 [EP:12]
Slice of life for a half dozen different ‘couples/pre couples’. Its cute and I actually suggest you watch it, but its just quick fun. Nothing lasting here. I’m sure most viewers will have at least one couple they can identify with.

AHO-GIRL: 3/10 [EP:12]
I’m not big of ‘girl hits boy’ comedy. I like ‘boy hits girl’ comedy even less. Still the female lead is REALLY dumb and annoying. Don’t recommend. Catchy Intro song though.

My Hero Academia: 6/10 [13/26 Season 1 Review]
I really liked it, even though it’s about as typical a shonen Hero Journey+High School show as you’ll find. This was one of the big hits when it came out, but I simply waited till I was in the mood for a shonen before getting around to it. The characters are interesting and I was surprised that they actually took their time telling the story.  Highly recommend this one, even if I don’t push it to a 7. I actually found myself actively wanting to binge this show and that’s unusual because lately I’ve gotten bored with series around the mid to last third and haven’t even finished them.

Currently on hold after about 5-8 shows: World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman, Twin Star Exorcists, Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon, The Asterisk War, Hundred, Beyond the Boundary, The Testament of Sister New Devil, Denpa Kyoushi, Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, plus a few more. As you can see, my interest wanes quickly these days.

09-12-2017 Quick Anime Review: Maken-ki!, Demon King Daimao, Strike the Blood, Mikagura School Suite

So it’s been a while since my last ‘quick review’ and that’s because I’ve not been watching much lately, and what I have been watching I’ve stopped part way through because I haven’t much interest in finishing the series. I may list those out later, but for now the series I DID finish lately.

Maken-ki!: 3/10 [12 Episodes]
WAY WAY too much fan-service. And half the girls have breasts bigger than their heads. WTF? Not even going to describe the show because ‘fan-service’ is all you need to know. Think this is show is one of the reasons I stopped finishing series.

Demon King Daimao: 5/10 [12 Episodes]
I really enjoyed the first two episodes, but after that it became predictable. Man that wants to change the world for the better considers joining the clergy to do it. Finds out he’s got it ALL WRONG when his future profession is predicted to be DEMON KING! If it had stayed more funny I’d have liked it more I think. Meh.

Strike the Blood: 6/10 [24 Episodes, + more OAVs that I have NOT watched.]
Probably only deserves a 5, but I enjoyed it enough for the bump up. Kojou Akatsuki has recently found out he’s the 4th Progenitor Vampire and doesn’t know how that happened or what to do about it.  Never-the-less the powers that be are NOT going to leave him alone.  He’s got a lot of new ‘friends’ that are keeping an eye on him, will they turn out to be real friends? (Hint: It’s a harem show.)

Mikagura School Suite: 5/10 [12 Episodes]
Shonen magical fighting school show with an ‘idiot girl’ as the main character instead of an idiot boy. Was fun for what it was, but don’t expect any deep experience. Just a fast fun show.

As per always I’m trying not to spoil anything in the ‘review’ above, but I’ll gladly delve into them in the comments!

Football prediction time!

I do it every year but I’m not really feeling it this time. I’ve NO IDEA how the season will go for either MSU or UM.

MSU schedule/prediction:

Charleston Southern  Win
@ Louisiana Tech      Win
LSU Tigers                 Loss
@ Georgia Bulldogs  Loss
@ Auburn Tigers       Loss
BYU Cougars            Win
Kentucky                   Win
@ Texas A&M           Win
UMass                       Win
Alabama                    Loss
@ Arkansas              Loss
Ole Miss                    Win

Total: W/L 7-5

(More like this is my ‘hope’ for the year. I have no real idea. Could just as easily be 5-7 as far as I know.)


Ole Miss schedule/prediction:

South Alabama   Win
UT Martin            Win
@ California        Loss
@ Alabama         Loss
@ Auburn            Loss
Vanderbilt            Win
LSU                     Loss
Arkansas             Win
@ Kentucky         Win
UL Lafayette        Win
Texas A&M          Loss
Mississippi State Loss

Total: W/L 6/6

(Mostly because they have a new coach and a LOT (I mean A LOT) of distractions from the NCAA ‘thing’. Could just as easily be 10-2 for all I know.)

Basically I have NO IDEA how this year is going to turn out, and that’s perfectly okay. Still looking forward to watching some fun games!

[7/1 – 7/9] Quick Anime Reviews: Kamisama Dolls, Silver Spoon, Anne-Happy

Silver Spoon: 7/10 [2 Seasons 22 Episodes total]
Hachiken Yuugo fails the entrance exams to get into his choice of High School. So he decides to run away from his overbearing father, by entering a school as far away as possible that requires the students to stay on campus. Thus starts his everyday life in Oezo Agricultural High. And oh my! Does this city boy have a LOT to learn about farm life. If you are the least bit interested in how a farm ‘works’, this is a good intro anime showing a lot of what goes into it. This story is two seasons long for 22 episodes, and I feel I could have watched another 40. There is a lot of story here and I think there could be a lot more story to tell if they wanted to try. And if they do, sign me up to watch! At minimum stream this one. May be worth buying, the animation quality is really high.

Kamisama Dolls: 6/10 [13 Episodes]
The story starts with our main character Kyouhei running away from his past, after giving up all his power and privilege by leaving his village for Tokyo. Aki, our bad guy, is on the run from the same village, obsessed with finding Kyouhei. Why? For revenge or something else? Your past is a hard thing to escape and as the village sends more and more of it’s more powerful members to find Aki, they keep pulling Kyouhei and his new friends into a dangerous game of small village cut-throat politics. If this series had a second season as good as the first one, it would get promoted to 7 out of 10, but I think the (Real Life) Earthquake ruined the animation company and so we’ll only ever get this first season. Pity. With just this I’d say stream it if you find the premise at all interesting.

Anne-Happy: 6/10 [12 Episodes]
Silly little slice of life show about four of the unluckiest girls you’ll probably meet, and one girl who’s bad luck is an ocean compared to the other’s great lakes. Fun and short. Stream it if you want some silly slice of life from some cute girls doing their best in odd/bad situations.