So I’ve watched a good bit of anime lately. Here’s how they stack up.

This is in order by ranking with a quick rundown of the series.
10/10 Masterpiece.

“Your Lie in April”
The FEELS!!! But such a wonderful series.
“One Punch Man”
Hilarious! Great send up of the super hero genre.

8/10 Damn good.
FUNNY! Haven’t seen series two yet but I can’t wait. I was ROLLING for some of this show.
Slice of Life/High School love triangle. Liked the main characters and the way they changed over the series.

7/10 Worth the time.
“Interviews with Monster Girls”
I’m a softy and this was Cute! Not overly funny, but humorous none the less. I really enjoyed it and recommend it.

6/10 Worth it if you like the genre.
“The Devil Is a Part-Timer!”
Funny hook, but it didn’t really go anywhere. Bubblegum time waster with a few laughs mixed in.

Based off a dating sim; the show is basically three love stories with the main character living a different ‘path’ in each. Each story is fine but it doesn’t lead to any ‘flow’ for the overall story. Still I did enjoy the individual stories and how the characters from other ‘paths’ interacted with the current ‘path’.

“Kokoro Connect”
I liked the hook, but I think it needs more episodes.

“My Little Monster”
Think this could be really good if it completed it’s story, but it didn’t.
Very cliche. Much Harem.
“If her Flag Breaks”
Harem, but not much fanservice (which I appreciate). I liked the Matrix twist at the end.

“To Love Ru”
Beautiful nude space babe appears in bath with the main character. That pretty much lets you know what to expect. Some funny moments.
“Motto To Love Ru”
Like To Love Ru? You’ll like this. It’s the exact same but with even more fanservice, and the girls giving that service are getting younger.
“To Love Ru Darkness”
See above, but the girls are getting even YOUNGER. What The Hell man?

5/10 Mediocre
I found it watchable, but doubt the subject is anything my friends would want to actually bother with.
“The Kawai Complex Guide To Manors and Hostel Behavior”
Didn’t feel complete. Wacky characters aren’t enough to recommend this series. Maybe read the manga instead?
“My Wife is the Student Council President”
Rather unremarkable and forgettable. In fact I think it’s only a fanservice show.
I remember watching it but it was totally forgettable otherwise. Harem genre.

Action harem. Much cliche, some fanservice.

4/10 Starting to really Stink.
Just a harem fanservice vehicle.

3/10 Stinker

2/10 Just really bad.

1/10 Has no redeeming qualities.

Top Two Anime (Out of the latest batch)

I’ve said before that I haven’t watched anime seriously in around a decade now, and that I recently watched a ton of what I’d call bubblegum/popcorn series. Stuff that isn’t serious and isn’t all that memorable either. Basically most of the series I’ve watched lately are time wasters.

HOWEVER, two series stand out. I believe both will be considered classic shows soon if they aren’t already.  ‘One Punch Man’ and ‘Your Lie in April’.  These series stand out head and shoulders above the rest and although they couldn’t be more different I HIGHLY recommend both.

I’m not going to spoil either show so if you want those say so below and I’ll post spoilers in a separate post. ‘One Punch Man’ is a send up of the superhero/shonen genre and it is hilarious and action packed.  If you like superhero stories you’ll laugh your ass off at Saitama as he wins every fight except the one he has with boredom.

In the very opposite corner you have ‘Your Lie in April’. It’s a very sweet AND sad (really need a word for this but I don’t know one that fits) story about a young piano prodigy whose life has gone totally monotone after the death of his abusive piano teaching mother and what happens to him when he becomes ‘Friend A’ to his best friends new girlfriend. A bubbly and vivacious violin player that brings color, music and yes love back into our protagonist’s life.  I give this series a even BIGGER recommendation than OPM. This is a masterpiece and should be watched by pretty much anyone. One warning, have a box of tissues ready, you WILL need it. (Yes, even us burly he-men will be in tears on the final episode.)

I already said I am reading the manga for ‘One Punch Man’ (both the manga and webcomic versions) and I intend to read the manga ‘YLIA’ is based on when I can find it, but I don’t think it’ll be quite as good as the anime, because of the MUSIC! The music is WONDERFUL in this series, and I find myself listening to it off of YouTube when I can.

Both ‘One Punch Man’ and ‘Your Lie in April’ are available through Netflix. WATCH IT!

Bad Manga Reading Phase

So, I’ve been reading a LOT of manga lately. I blame ‘One Punch Man’. I watched it about 2-3 weeks ago and because it had a lot of story left to tell, I checked out its manga, and the next thing I know, I’m reading all sorts of stuff.

Just finished reading “Nisekoi”.  All 229 chapters!  I am very glad to be done with it, but I don’t recommend it to anyone; way to cliche. It has a conclusion but watching it’s anime is probably just as good for the casual viewer.  My OCD got me on this one. Once I start something (especially a story) I just have to finish it.

I’m also suffering because I ignored my ‘Jordan rule (wheel of time reference for those not in the know)’ of entertainment media. Namely don’t read/watch/listen to ANYTHING until it’s finished. I didn’t follow that rule and now I’m stuck reading One Punch Man (both versions) for the next couple of years or until it gets finished!

I mean I’ve found myself reading a lot of junk; really I just wanted popcorn stuff and that’s what I’m getting, lots of romcoms and slice of life high school junk, and I’ll let you know a quick rundown of them once I’ve finished them. If anyone requests a more in depth review I’ll do it but I doubt anyone even reads this blog anymore.

Naruto and Bleach are ending? Wow…GOOD!

I remember reading these comix (sorry Manga) way back in like 2003 or something. I enjoyed them for awhile but man do they stretch overlong. I was able to binge read a couple of years worth of episodes at once and THAT was what made these things worth reading. I feel sorry for anyone that had to read an episode every week over something like 10-15 years, taking MONTHS just to finish one fight? No thanks.

Once they are over THEN they may be worth reading. Bingeing is the best way to read these things. Hell, I went back a while ago and Bleach was so bad I was amazed it was still running. Both of these series would have been better if they had just ended after their first big arc. After that the stories just got beyond what I think the writers could handle.


/comic-manga nerd off.

Recently Watched

Haven’t done any video reviews in awhile, so I’ll do one quickly.

Watched a bunch of first episodes of the ‘watch instantly’ list from Netflix to see if anything could catch my attention as worth continuing.

Shows that only got me through the first episode:

Gun x Sword

Nabari no Ou

Baka and Test

School Rumble

I watched all of Rin: Mnemosyne and Angel Beats.

Rin is about immortal women trying to keep the world together from some insane male angels. It’s got sex (good bit of it lesbian) and a LOT of gore. These ladies get messed up something good but just like me after turning into a newt they got better. It can be a bit dark, but it’s short. Not unhappy that I watched it. I’ll give it a 3 (maybe 3.5) out of 5.

Angel Beats is about a high school of the recently deceased. Kids that died feeling unfulfilled (or basically feeling that God screwed the over, some really horrible back stories) get a chance to do it again and get it right. Once they are ‘happy’ they move on. One problem, these guys don’t really wanna fit in and the #1 school  student insists on conformity. Really strange fights ensue, considering you can’t stay dead here. From what I see and hear the pain still hurts though. I thought it was an interesting idea and done decently for about 9 episodes. In the last 4 episodes it all kinda falls apart though. I’ll give it a 2.5 out of 5.

Also I’ve seen the first DVD of ‘Chuck’. I’m not to happy that getting the DVD’s is the only way to (legally) watch this series that I’ve found so far. At 1 DVD at a time it’s gonna take me several weeks to watch the whole series even if I watch the entire DVD as soon as I get it. Oh, well. The idea looks interesting and the characters look like fun. I think I’ll like it. And lets face it getting a bunch of DVDs and watching entire seasons quickly is the BEST and most enjoyable way to watch ‘TV’. (At least for me it is.)


Watching stuff

Wife was out of town for a couple of days last week and I played more World of Warcraft that is strictly healthy. Doing that has led to a bit of burnout, so this weekend I mostly watched Mississippi State in the super regional against Florida, but I also squeezed in a couple of anime series. Quick reviews of the shows follow:

Kaze no Stigma: C

Mediocre shonen. Guy with family trouble deals with family. This one was very Gary Stu, even when the Gary Stu went ‘bad’. The tsundere female lead was very tsundere and the Super powered guy with super powers is stronger than anyone else with super powers, wins all his super powered fights. The end.

Recommendation: Very Skipp-able

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple: B

Typical shonen, but at least this one made me laugh a couple of times. Biggest complaint would be the women in the show. They are there to be ogled and that’s about it. From beginning to end Miu is stronger than the protagonist but no one seems to really care. It’s all about Kenichi, and Kenichi is very good at taking punishment and that really seems to be his only talent. The show is at least more interesting than Stigma above in that Kenichi wins some he loses some.

Recommendation:  Give it a watch if you enjoy shonen with martial arts ‘power ups’ and the typical “win/lose-train”, “win/lose-train” storyline.


PS: Even though they lost in the end I thought MSU put up a great fight against Florida, and put a good scare into them at the top of the 7th in the 3rd game. In the end, State just didn’t have the pitching depth that Florida had. I wish Florida good luck in Omaha but I’ll be cheering for Vandy to win it all.

Edit: PPS: Now that Game of Thrones is finished its first season I plan to do my best to watch the last 6 episodes all at once or at least within a couple of days. I just love watching a series’ episode one after another. Best way to see TV.

Second Edit: I have been informed that there is one more episode of GoT so I guess my marathon will wait till the weekend.