Football prediction time!

I do it every year but I’m not really feeling it this time. I’ve NO IDEA how the season will go for either MSU or UM.

MSU schedule/prediction:

Charleston Southern  Win
@ Louisiana Tech      Win
LSU Tigers                 Loss
@ Georgia Bulldogs  Loss
@ Auburn Tigers       Loss
BYU Cougars            Win
Kentucky                   Win
@ Texas A&M           Win
UMass                       Win
Alabama                    Loss
@ Arkansas              Loss
Ole Miss                    Win

Total: W/L 7-5

(More like this is my ‘hope’ for the year. I have no real idea. Could just as easily be 5-7 as far as I know.)


Ole Miss schedule/prediction:

South Alabama   Win
UT Martin            Win
@ California        Loss
@ Alabama         Loss
@ Auburn            Loss
Vanderbilt            Win
LSU                     Loss
Arkansas             Win
@ Kentucky         Win
UL Lafayette        Win
Texas A&M          Loss
Mississippi State Loss

Total: W/L 6/6

(Mostly because they have a new coach and a LOT (I mean A LOT) of distractions from the NCAA ‘thing’. Could just as easily be 10-2 for all I know.)

Basically I have NO IDEA how this year is going to turn out, and that’s perfectly okay. Still looking forward to watching some fun games!

Warning you now. Do not expect me to be available during the following times:

A warning. I will be watching these games in the coming months. Don’t even bother trying to get me to do something else during these games.

Sept 3 (Sat)
MSU vs South Alabama

Sept 5 (Mon)
Ole Miss vs Florida State

Sept 10 (Sat)
MSU vs South Carolina
Ole Miss vs Wofford

Sept 17 (Sat)
Ole Miss vs Alabama

Sept 24 (Sat)
Ole Miss vs Georgia

Oct 1 (Sat)
Ole Miss vs Memphis (HC)

Oct 8 (Sat)
MSU vs Auburn

Oct 14 (Fri)

Oct 15 (Sat)
Ole Miss vs Arkansas

Oct 22 (Sat)
MSU vs Kentucky
Ole Miss vs LSU

Oct 29 (Sat)
MSU vs Samford (HC)
Ole Miss vs Auburn

Nov 5 (Sat)
MSU vs Texas A&M
Ole Miss vs Ga Southern

Nov 12 (Sat)
MSU vs Alabama
Ole Miss vs Texas A&M

Nov 19 (Sat)
MSU vs Arkansas
Ole Miss vs Vanderbilt

Nov 26 (Sat)
MSU vs Ole Miss

Ole Miss destined for Sugar no matter what?

So let’s take for granted that Florida will lose in the SEC Championship game against Alabama. That’ll put them below Ole Miss in the polls and probably the Championship list too (if they aren’t there Tuesday night already). That’ll mean Alabama goes to the Championship series and Ole Miss gets the Sugar Bowl right?

Now here’s what I found sad/funny. If Ole Miss had beat Arkansas and gone to the SEC Championship, I think they would have been left out of the Championship games no matter what. So they’d have ended up at…the Sugar Bowl even if they won out. Looks like UM (and MSU and tons of other non-blue-blood favorites) can forget about ever reaching those Championship Series games until and unless they win out. No losses.

They REALLY gotta extend the Championship Playoff to 8 teams ASAP.  (Why we aren’t able to do the same as the lower divisions have been doing FOREVER still baffles me. I know, I know. $$$)

SEC West Championship hopes last week

So here we are, the last week of the regular season for the SEC and things seem pretty stable. Alabama is in the lead with just 1 SEC loss, Ole Miss is trailing with 2 then almost everyone else is sitting at 4-3 except Auburn who is way back at 2-5. Alabama wins then they are in the SEC championship game, PERIOD. If Alabama loses AND Ole Miss wins THEN, and only then can Ole Miss make it to the SEC Championship game. I don’t see that happening, but it’s college football. You play the game because you just don’t know.

If MSU beats Ole Miss that’ll leave both teams squarely in the scrum in the middle of the SEC West at 5-3. If UM wins that’ll put them squarely at #2 or #3 in the SEC depending on how the championship game plays out. Depending on the final weeks outcome we should be getting a REALLY good idea about the bowl games this time next week.

Last games:

Alabama (10-1, 6-1)

Arkansas (6-5, 4-3)

Auburn (6-5, 2-5)

LSU (7-3, 4-3)
Texas A&M

MSU (8-3, 4-3)
Ole Miss

Ole Miss (8-3,5-2)

Texas A&M (8-3, 4-3)

SEC West Championship hopes

What a difference a couple of weeks make. Who saw Arkansas upsetting both Ole Miss and LSU? State better be ready! (Bit worried about that one actually. I don’t remember State EVER winning a game versus Arkansas in the state of Arkansas.)

Alabama with one SEC loss is in the lead now, with Arkansas (YES ARKANSAS!), LSU and Ole Miss behind with 2 SEC losses each. MSU and A&M each have 3 SEC losses so they are out as is Auburn with 5 SEC losses on the year. What happened to Auburn this year, their only hope is to spoil Alabama’s chance at the national championship games by giving them another loss! Gotta add that, I will laugh my ass off if Auburn does somehow beat Alabama but I don’t see that happening.

With the SEC West beating the hell out of each other, I don’t know if Alabama will make it to the championship games even if they win out. The SEC West is VERY muddled in the middle; hell, change around 6 plays and almost every game this year could have gone the other way. Because of the  multiple losses, the rest of the country will declare the SEC ‘weak’, where most of us SEC fans will see ‘parity’. Whether that ‘parity’ means that your average SEC West school can beat your average other big 5 conference team I don’t honestly know, but I think for the most part the West won their OOC games. The Memphis loss isn’t nearly as bad as Ole Miss fans thought at the time, but I can’t explain away the Arkansas early OOC losses.

We should be getting some pretty accurate bowl predictions this time next week. Remaining games (teams in alphabetical order):

Alabama (9-1, 6-1)
Charleston Southern

Arkansas (6-4, 4-2)

Auburn (5-5, 2-5)

LSU (7-2, 4-2)
Ole Miss
Texas A&M

MSU (7-3, 3-3)
Ole Miss

Ole Miss (7-3,4-2)

Texas A&M (7-3, 3-3)


SEC West Championship hopes

Still lots of games left but right now Ole Miss or LSU goes to the SEC Championship if they win out.
Alabama goes to the SEC Championship if they win out and Ole Miss loses another game. I think this is correct because Alabama would have a head up victory versus LSU and because of the UM loss to Florida.

After that a lot of wacky stuff would have to happen for any other team to make it and I doubt that’ll happen. I think even if State wins out LSU would have to drop 3 of it’s last four for them to get in. A&M would need to win out and have Alabama AND Ole Miss lose 2-3 more games each. I don’t see either of those situations happening. But any team can upset those top three by beating them.

Right now I think Ole Miss, Bama and LSU simply have to play their best and see how it turns out. It’s going to start getting crazy between those three going down the home stretch. I think there is a very good chance that the SEC will NOT be a part of the playoffs this year, and I’m okay with that. It doesn’t mean the SEC is ‘down’ (at lest not the West) or that the best football isn’t being played here. It just means we’ve got some serious parity compared to the other conferences.

Pretty good ballgames left in the SEC West!