Warning you now. Do not expect me to be available during the following times:

A warning. I will be watching these games in the coming months. Don’t even bother trying to get me to do something else during these games.

Sept 3 (Sat)
MSU vs South Alabama

Sept 5 (Mon)
Ole Miss vs Florida State

Sept 10 (Sat)
MSU vs South Carolina
Ole Miss vs Wofford

Sept 17 (Sat)
Ole Miss vs Alabama

Sept 24 (Sat)
Ole Miss vs Georgia

Oct 1 (Sat)
Ole Miss vs Memphis (HC)

Oct 8 (Sat)
MSU vs Auburn

Oct 14 (Fri)

Oct 15 (Sat)
Ole Miss vs Arkansas

Oct 22 (Sat)
MSU vs Kentucky
Ole Miss vs LSU

Oct 29 (Sat)
MSU vs Samford (HC)
Ole Miss vs Auburn

Nov 5 (Sat)
MSU vs Texas A&M
Ole Miss vs Ga Southern

Nov 12 (Sat)
MSU vs Alabama
Ole Miss vs Texas A&M

Nov 19 (Sat)
MSU vs Arkansas
Ole Miss vs Vanderbilt

Nov 26 (Sat)
MSU vs Ole Miss

Hard to believe, but this is an even bigger weekend than last.

The ramifications of this weekends football games for Mississippi State and Ole Miss are so huge, I am refusing to speculate on them. I’m simply going to wish both teams ‘good luck’, and I hope ya’ll win!

And to top it off, I have a family reunion to attend. They had BETTER have a TV DAMMIT!

Yes, hello Uncle Never See, please get out from in front of the TV!

MS State’s first game

I was able to learn a lot more about Ole Miss from their first game than I was from MS State. It’s not that State didn’t play well, they did fine. No the problem was the opponent. Southern Miss was just so bad, I have no idea how good MS State really is, and I don’t expect the next two opponents to show much either. I guess I’ll just have to wait till the LSU game to know what MSU is working with and toward this year.

I guess on the positive side, they’ll get 3 games to work out the kinks before being tested. One the negative side, they may get lazy or complacent after 3 easy games.



Just how bad is Tyler Russell according to MSU coaching staff?

I know this question is unfair in a lot of ways, mostly because I think Russell is pretty good. But you KNOW a question like that had to be going through Tyler’s mind during the South Carolina game. Dak Prescott had 3 interceptions and 2 fumbles on the day. (He recovered one of his own fumbles.) SC got 16 points off those turnovers. Is Dak’s 16 points and 4 turnovers still BETTER than Tyler? Or asked another way, is Russell so bad according to the coaching staff, that 4 turnovers is BETTER than the value he brings to the team?

Look I get it, Prescott is the future, but he isn’t there yet. He needs seasoning, and I actually wish they stayed with the two quarterback system for a bit longer. We play differently with the two QB’s and I’d think that would make the defense’s job harder.

My position is this. MSU coaching SUCKS! I’d be okay with keeping Mullen if he got new defensive and offensive coaches under him, otherwise I’d be okay with cleaning house at the end of the season. I know that isn’t a popular position and it seems I’m jumping the gun, but I don’t see any positive gains the team has made in the last two years. I see a team that is REGRESSING. Mullen hasn’t proven he can beat good teams, and State’s team loses whatever momentum it has in the second half of every game this season!

I will be AMAZED if MSU makes it to 6-6 this year, and I expect a very disheartened team and fan base over the next two weeks(A&M and Alabama).

MSU was better statistically at the end of last year!

In the first six games this year, MSU has scored 24 points TOTAL in the 3rd quarter.

In the first six games this year, MSU has scored 17 points in the fourth quarter.

Total points in the second half versus LSU and Auburn? 10 all in the third quarter.

The other 14 of the third quarter and ALL 17 fourth quarter points were scored versus Troy and Alcorn.

These are pathetic numbers.

Remember how badly we ended the 2012 season? Our numbers were BETTER in those last 6 games than our first 6 this year!

Last 6 games of 2012(went 1-5):

3rd quarter point total: 31

4th quarter point total: 41



WHEE!! MSU is competitive….in the MAC

MSU has been thoroughly un-enjoyable to watch this season. They ALMOST pull off a enjoyable game like Auburn but then the idiotic defensive play calling makes the game obvious to anyone that’s watched a football game in the last decade. This weekends nail-biter certainly wasn’t much fun for MSU fans(Bowling Green fans probably enjoyed all but the end.) MSU barely held on to win versus a good MAC team. Let that sink in. While Ole Miss is giving Texas A&M all they can handle Bowling Green was about all State could handle.

I know I’m in ‘crazy/idiotic/unrealistic fan’ mode here but I honestly don’t think Mullen is getting it done. Maybe I’m wrong. Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong, but right now I think the thing that is ‘wrong’ with MSU football is the coaching staff.

Congrats and sorry to UM fans. That was a very entertaining game versus A&M and you ALMOST pulled it off. Better luck next year.