Football prediction time!

I do it every year but I’m not really feeling it this time. I’ve NO IDEA how the season will go for either MSU or UM.

MSU schedule/prediction:

Charleston Southern  Win
@ Louisiana Tech      Win
LSU Tigers                 Loss
@ Georgia Bulldogs  Loss
@ Auburn Tigers       Loss
BYU Cougars            Win
Kentucky                   Win
@ Texas A&M           Win
UMass                       Win
Alabama                    Loss
@ Arkansas              Loss
Ole Miss                    Win

Total: W/L 7-5

(More like this is my ‘hope’ for the year. I have no real idea. Could just as easily be 5-7 as far as I know.)


Ole Miss schedule/prediction:

South Alabama   Win
UT Martin            Win
@ California        Loss
@ Alabama         Loss
@ Auburn            Loss
Vanderbilt            Win
LSU                     Loss
Arkansas             Win
@ Kentucky         Win
UL Lafayette        Win
Texas A&M          Loss
Mississippi State Loss

Total: W/L 6/6

(Mostly because they have a new coach and a LOT (I mean A LOT) of distractions from the NCAA ‘thing’. Could just as easily be 10-2 for all I know.)

Basically I have NO IDEA how this year is going to turn out, and that’s perfectly okay. Still looking forward to watching some fun games!

Warning you now. Do not expect me to be available during the following times:

A warning. I will be watching these games in the coming months. Don’t even bother trying to get me to do something else during these games.

Sept 3 (Sat)
MSU vs South Alabama

Sept 5 (Mon)
Ole Miss vs Florida State

Sept 10 (Sat)
MSU vs South Carolina
Ole Miss vs Wofford

Sept 17 (Sat)
Ole Miss vs Alabama

Sept 24 (Sat)
Ole Miss vs Georgia

Oct 1 (Sat)
Ole Miss vs Memphis (HC)

Oct 8 (Sat)
MSU vs Auburn

Oct 14 (Fri)

Oct 15 (Sat)
Ole Miss vs Arkansas

Oct 22 (Sat)
MSU vs Kentucky
Ole Miss vs LSU

Oct 29 (Sat)
MSU vs Samford (HC)
Ole Miss vs Auburn

Nov 5 (Sat)
MSU vs Texas A&M
Ole Miss vs Ga Southern

Nov 12 (Sat)
MSU vs Alabama
Ole Miss vs Texas A&M

Nov 19 (Sat)
MSU vs Arkansas
Ole Miss vs Vanderbilt

Nov 26 (Sat)
MSU vs Ole Miss

Hard to believe, but this is an even bigger weekend than last.

The ramifications of this weekends football games for Mississippi State and Ole Miss are so huge, I am refusing to speculate on them. I’m simply going to wish both teams ‘good luck’, and I hope ya’ll win!

And to top it off, I have a family reunion to attend. They had BETTER have a TV DAMMIT!

Yes, hello Uncle Never See, please get out from in front of the TV!

Ineffective taunts

Saw this link to ‘Hot and Not in the SEC‘ a couple days ago on BigJim’s blog.

While I don’t disagree that State’s performance in this years EggBowl is definitely a ‘not’ in that blogs parlance, I must point out that ‘The School Down South’ isn’t an insult and doesn’t work as such the way ‘The School Up North’ does. One of Ole Miss’ points of pride is as a Southern school; the ‘Harvard of the South’ and such. Putting ‘North’ in a reference to them IS the insult. And I must admit it’s one of the best insults I’ve ever heard of for Ole Miss. It REALLY rankles the fans and alumni, because you’re basically calling them Yankees, which they think of as basically the worst thing you can be. (Maybe even worse than being a bulldog!)

So, I just wanted to point out that Chris Low needs to find a more appropriate insult than ‘The School Down South’, for MSU.


Checking the predictions. MSU/UM

Now that we are at the half way point, I wanted to take a look at how my predictions are standing up. I think I did a pretty good job.

I predicted a 9-3 season for MSU, and a 4-8 season for Ole Miss, with caveats for best and worse case scenarios. I’m relieved that neither team is going to hit their worst case scenario, and both still have shots at their best case scenarios. Ole Miss is ALREADY at their predicted 4 wins, so any more are a huge step up from where I (and most everyone) thought they’d be at this point.

I still think MSU is going to win the Eggbowl this year, but Ole Miss has a good shot at 6-6 if they can beat Arkansas and Vanderbilt. I’d love to see the Rebels get a bowl this year (but not at State’s expense). As for State I’ll hold out hope for a 10-2 season, but I’m gonna be worried about the A&M and Arkansas games. A&M has some playmakers and while Arkansas has been truly awful at the beginning of the season they seem to be rallying a bit lately.

I’ll be honest about this. I did NOT see Auburn and Arkansas being as bad as they have been this year. It gives me hope that both Mississippi schools can beat both of those teams this year. And here’s to hoping LSU has an off night when they play one or both of our schools!

MSU/UM football predictions for 2012

Or the post in which I embarrass myself. I’m putting my predictions for the year up as I have in the past.

As per usual, I will not go back and see how badly I’ve predicted in the past. I’m about looking forward to the upcoming football season, not backwards to the past of my horribly, horribly, inaccurate and ill conceived predictions.

This year I’m cheating a bit by giving a best/worst and actual prediction instead of just a simple prediction. So here it is:

MS State:
Best Worst Predicted
Jackson St. W W W
Auburn W L W
@Troy W W W
South Alabama W W W
@Kentucky W L W
Tennessee W L W
Middle Tenn. State [HC] W W W
@Alabama L L L
Texas A&M W L W
Arkansas W L L
@Ole Miss W L W
10-2 4-8 9-3

It could be a very interesting year for State fans. If everything goes wrong it could be a horrible 4-8 season with them even losing to UM, but I’m predicting it’s going to be more positive than negative in Starkville this year. I’m thinking the Auburn game is going to be very predictive of the year. If State can get past Auburn then a 7-0 start is very possible. The Auburn-State game has been very competitive the last few years, with State getting the short end of the stick. I’m hoping they find a way to win this year and end up with an awesome season. I think Auburn, Kentucky, Tenn, A&M, and Arkansas are all beatable by State this year, but doubt all of them WILL be beaten this year.

Ole Miss:
Best Worst Predicted
Central Arkansas W W W
Texas W L L
@Tulane W W W
@Alabama L L L
Texas A&M W L L
Auburn [HC] L L L
@Arkansas L L L
@Georgia L L L
Vanderbilt W L W
MS State W L L
7-5 3-9 4-8

Worst case, I see Ole Miss only doing 1 game better than last year. In the best case, I can see Ole Miss getting to 7 wins, but I don’t think this is a ‘best case’ kind of year for Ole Miss. I’m thinking they’ll double their wins from last year and get to 4, but in my opinion, it’s going to be a very long and unrewarding year for the Ole Miss faithful.