I’m classified as a programmer at work, but mostly I do a little of everything techy needed around the shop, as do all the other guys and gals there.

Berial is a nickname I’ve had from several MMOs I’ve played and it’s kind of stuck.

Though you probably can’t tell from my posts, I’ve been center-right politically most of my life and have historically voted mostly Republican.

I wish we as a nation had a simple rule we used when we vote. ‘Always vote against the incumbent unless you know personally and specifically something he or she did that was courageous, correct and not leading to corruption’.

Instead, we get ‘Always vote FOR the incumbent unless we know something non-specific he did, that was either related to sex with someone other than a spouse or got caught receiving a bribe THAT WAS LABELED ‘bribe’ from someone that admits to trying to bribe said incumbent.’