The illness stretches on!

This GD cold just won’t let go! I have to say THANK YOU LORD that it isn’t the flu, and ‘just’ a cold but it’s overstayed it’s welcome and needs to get out of my life!

This whole thing started Friday, and I missed work on Monday and Tuesday. I probably SHOULD have stayed home Wednesday because the hacking and nose blowing was still in more affect than I am comfortable with. Even today, Thursday, a full 3 days after seeing the doctor and getting plenty of ‘steroid spray’ for my nose, I’m STILL coughing and hacking a bit.


So basically the news sucks because viewers are children.

The Atlantic has a piece about analytics. They point out that people SAY what news they want to watch and read, but then the analytics say something completely different. We say we want vegetables but then eat nothing but candy.

Since Journalism isn’t really about news(was it ever?), but about advertising, can a capitalist system actually produce good hard news? Is there a market for it? Should there need to be?

If we say, forced all the broadcasters out there to deliver between 6PM-7PM an hour of news with “NO COMMERCIALS”, would it be watched, or would the population just turn to cable for that hour?

I think those of us that want ‘hard news’ are in for bad times.

Had a fun vacation, in spite of Delta.

First the story of my first day of vacation.

8:30 AM: Awoke a bit later than I would for work, but still with plenty of time to get to the airport for my 1:05 flight to Atlanta and on to Manchester.

11:30 AM: I was all checked in and through security. Nikki was on her way to Columbus for a nice week with her family.

1:05 PM: Discover there is a mechanical problem with the plane. I use the 1-800 number handed out by the Delta staff to get put on the 3:05 flight.

2:20 PM: Finally get to the front of the line to get my new boarding pass.(In retrospect I should have gone to the other gate to do this.) Get new boarding pass printed, but the clerk tells me the original 1:05 flight is working and boarding. She helpfully puts me back on the original flight, and prints out ANOTHER boarding pass for the 1:05.

2:50 PM: Told to get off the plane because the ‘fix’ wasn’t approved by the FAA.Call the 1-800 number again, but told the 3:05 is full and I cannot change to that flight.

3:30 PM: Told the part to fix the plane is being flown into Jackson and the flight should launch at 5:30PM. I had a VERY long layover in Atlanta but this is really pushing it. I get second flight changed from Manchester to last Boston flight.

5:30 PM: Given two slices of semi-warm pepperoni pizza. There really isn’t any place to eat in the Jackson airport past security so I feel we’ve earned it.

5:50 PM: Told the ‘part’ they flew in from Atlanta is the wrong part. Flight delayed till 8:30. No hope of making any connecting flights. I ask for my luggage back. My luggage, however, made the 3:05 flight and is now in Atlanta. Having no keys to get into my own home I call Nikki to make the 3 hour drive back to Jackson to take me home. Delta helpfully puts me on the first flight out of Jackson the next morning.

9:00 PM: Nikki picks me up from the airport and we have an exhausted dinner.

5:35 AM (Friday): I wake up get my carry-on and Nikki takes me to the airport…AGAIN.

7:30 AM (Friday): I’m finally on a plane ready to go to Atlanta. But wait, there is a problem! Luckily</sarcasm> there are two Delta technicians that had flown in last night on the plane (I WONDER WHY!?) and they are able to fix the problem in 10 minutes. My vacation finally starts. I’m already stressed out and miserable. Thanks DELTA!

The ‘enjoyment period’ of MS State football gets shorter every year.

So, as a MSU alum and fan, I watched the first game of the season and enjoyed the game for about a quarter. After that everything went to shit, and if it continues this way we can look forward to a 3-4 win season. After the first drive, which I understand is scripted by Coach Mullen and looked good, they go back to normal play calling. I haven’t seen play calling that bad since Rocky Felker[Mr. Up the middle, up the middle, up the middle, PUNT himself]. Speaking of “up the middle”, am I wrong, or did MSU call three DIVES in a row only to punt at one point in the game? WTF? This wasn’t just ‘conservative’ play calling, it was STUPID play calling, and if it’s what we can expect the rest of the season, then the season is already over. We can call it a season being proud of beating our powder-puff non-conference opponents, and rail against the sports gods about how unfair the sound thrashing we got from EVERY SINGLE SEC OPPONENT was.

You’ll notice I’m not berating the defense or special teams. That’s because those teams played well. Met expectations. The defense eventually broke it’s true, but that is what happens when your coaching staff is so BAD at their jobs that the offense keeps going 3 and out. If you are only giving the defense a 3-5 minute break they WILL tire out and the opponent WILL move the ball on you.

As for Ole Miss, they’ll be fine. They won a close one against Vandy (who will also do well). Neither team gave up, and while mistakes were made the team is young and will learn and improve. High marks for Vanderbilt receiver Jordan Matthews. He got hit so hard in the gut that it made him lose his lunch, but he STILL came back to help his team. I’m sure that last turnover weighs heavy on him but it was a great effort and there was no blame to be put on him for that loss.