Last weekly football update for the season

MSU: Won!

Yippee ki-yay we’re going bowling MF! Golden Egg stays home and State gets a bowl; not a bad year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a bit disappointed. I was hoping for an 8-4 year, and State was probably 3-4 plays away from that, but those plays didn’t happen and so, you get 6-6.  I think Coach Mullen has his job cut out for him for next year. There are needed improvements on both sides of the ball and I just don’t know where the personnel is going to come from for those improvements.  Hope we win a fun game in the bowl this year nonetheless.

Before I move on,  I want to give a big ‘Thank you!” to Chris Relf. You’ve done a marvelous job while at MSU, you took a lot of punishment from both the other teams we played, and from State fans. I wish you and all the seniors leaving MSU, all the best. Good luck to you all!

Ole Miss: Lost

As has been the case all year, Ole Miss STUNK! They were BAD, HORRIBLE, <insert derogatory term of your choice here>. MSU was passable, but made to look unbeatable by the pathetic mess that is TSUN’s football program. I have NO idea who will be UM’s coach next year, but he’s got one hell of a job in front of him, cleaning up this mess. If Ole Miss wins more than 4 next year, color me impressed. (They really were that bad this year. I don’t see anything to ‘grow’ on, better to just burn it all down and start over.)


Beer: I was at the in-laws for most of the weekend so I was drinking Bud Light. Once I got home I was able to get some Sam Adams Holiday. I like it! Still need to find that Chocolate Boch everyone keeps talking about.


Next to last Weekly football post.



Ole Miss: LOST

Even Worse

Is there anything else to say? I was called away by family duties and couldn’t really watch either game. Just saw bits an pieces.  I will say that I believe Les Miles was trying to be ‘kind’ when he pulled the ‘lets just give them the ball back, we’ve scored enough’ stunt, but lets face it; he buried Ole Miss’ pride at “4 knee”. That’ll hurt for a long while.

Looking forward, I’m still hopeful of a State victory on Saturday. Have to wait and see how this whole thing turns out, but at best State can look forward to playing Southern Miss in the Liberty bowl, which is better than nothing (which is what they’ll get if Ole Miss wins).


I expect a lot of Mississippi fans (both schools) will be talking about the SEC instead of their schools. I can’t say I can blame them either. EVERY TEAM IN THE SEC WEST THAT ISN’T FROM MISSISSIPPI ARE IN THE BCS TOP 25 THIS WEEK AND HALF THE TEAMS ARE NUMBERS 1, 2 or 3.  How ridiculous is that?

People complaining that ‘You can’t beat anyone in your half of the conference other than Ole Miss!’ can kiss my ass. NOBODY beat those teams this year foo! People haven’t been beating those teams since Mullen got to State. Those teams have been/are stupidly strong.


Beer:Mixed assortment including: India Ale, Margaritaville Spiked Lemonade, Sam Adams Latitude 48 IPA, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and a LA 31 Biere Pale.

Weekly football post

MSU lost to Alabama 24 – 7.

The loss was NOT unexpected, and I guess State fans looking for a silver lining can take solace in covering the spread. The defense actually looked decent in this game, but the offense couldn’t do much of anything; and what is it with Bama and place kickers this year, even State missed 2 chances. I can’t be the only one completely disappointed with the result of getting the ball on the four, only to have the offense go BACKWARDS, and then miss the field goal. FAIL! MAJOR FAIL! Also, I must add, one of the offensive tackles kept jumping and moving us back 5 yards over and over. Give that SOB a shock collar and light him up every time he does that from now on! Bad DAWG no Biscuit!

If Mullen has a fault it is getting too conservative on offense, and he started to do that in this game, but in the end he decided to just throw the kitchen sink at Alabama. Unfortunately for State, even the sink didn’t make much difference in this match.

I’m giving State around a 1 in 3 chance against Arkansas. I REALLY want to see that bowl eligible 6th win.

Ole Miss lost to Louisiana Tech 27 – 7.

This loss wasn’t completely unexpected, though I didn’t think it would be such a one sided blowout. I think this game just shows that after the announcement of Nutt’s departure, the team has given up, and you can pretty much write the rest of the season off. If Ole Miss shows up for another game then, I expect them to play hard in the Egg Bowl. I expect Mississippi State to beat them anyway. It’s just that kind of year for the University of Mississippi. 3-9 is extraordinarily HARD to live with, 2-10 exponentially worse.

Beer: Grolsch (in those cool 4 pack bottles) and some Sam Adams Lat 48.

That football thing


State beat UT Martin like a drum. State was SUPPOSED to beat UT Martin like a drum. I was not watching much of the State game, because I was watching the HUGELY ENTERTAINING (to me at least) LSU/Alabama defensive struggle. I was NOT impressed with MSU’s defense. In fact, I would go so far as to say I am WORRIED about MSU’s defense. I think it could be a VERY, VERY sad day in Starkvegas next Saturday, when Alabama gets finished taking out their frustrations on MSU. Try to keep it within 30 guys! Good Luck!

State has made it to 5-4 on the season. I’m of the opinion we have NO CHANCE against Alabama next weekend, but I’ll give us something like a 30% chance against Arkansas. I would really prefer a 6th win BEFORE we play Ole Miss. You can just never tell which way an Egg Bowl will go and I’d like our post season to NOT be determined by that game.


My Dad told me he was worried about this Kentucky game. I had a couple Ole Miss grads that told me the same. I told them all not to worry about it, because Kentucky is REALLY, REALLY bad, and Ole Miss is simply Really bad. Guess they were right and I was wrong. Ole Miss is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY bad. That stinker they laid against Kentucky was so bad, I’m wondering if Nutt is just trying to force the school to fire him, so he can get his big payday and walk away.

I have been of the opinion that Ole Miss CAN’T afford to fire Nutt this season, and will have to hold onto him for at least one more season, or at least until after they do something about their AD, but if Nutt loses big to Miss State this year, after losing 12 other SEC games in in row, I think that may just be one toke over the line.  Even if the timing is ‘wrong’, I predict Nutt isn’t the coach of Ole Miss next year.


As I mentioned before, a hugely entertaining game to me, but I love defense. These were, despite appearances otherwise, two adequate offenses playing against two freakishly amazing defenses. Two defenses that still managed to make some mistakes, but not enough to alter the focus of the game. If I were Alabama I’d be searching the intramural fields for some soccer player or co-rec kicker that can kick a 30+ yard field goal. It cost them the game.

Also, for the record, I do NOT want a rematch of these teams. One, it would be kind of unfair to LSU; you’d basically be telling them, you have to beat Alabama twice (and one of those times AT ALABAMA!) in one year to be champ, but Alabama only has to beat you once.  Second, if there are other undefeated teams, they deserve the shot at LSU. ‘Bama had their shot (AT HOME) and missed. This is football, you only get one shot.

Am I the only one that thinks it’s going to be a little unfair if LSU is in the BCS title game when it’s held in the Super Bowl? Talk about home field advantage!


Beer: Samuel Adams Latitude 48 IPA (because I just like them dammit!)


EDIT: Addendum: And not 10 minutes after I post this, I’m being told that Nutt is fired and will ‘lame duck’ coach the rest of the season. We’ll hear about it officially at 2PM today.

2nd EDIT: And now ESPN is saying both Boone and Nutt are fired. Am I getting a two’fer outta this post?

This week in Mississippi Football

MSU won.

This is how pretty much everyone thought it would go. Kentucky is beyond bad this year. State could move on them at will and that was good, because State had WAY too many turnovers, and against a halfway decent team, would have lost; turnovers kill. I was disappointed in the defense, especially later in the game, when it seemed Kentucky was able to move the ball pretty well. State, even at this late date, is still very much a work in progress. I was glad to see Relf back in at QB on 3 out of the 4 scoring drives MSU had. I think MSU must have been hiding an injury, because Relf finally looked like ‘himself’ during this game.

I’m still hoping for 6-6 or 7-5 this year. With the way Arkansas is playing, maybe we can catch them playing ‘flat’ for a whole game and not just a half of one and have a chance for a late season upset.

UM lost.

This is pretty much how everyone thought it would go. UM is bad this year, (though I think they can beat Kentucky). The thing is, Ole Miss has flashes as competence. When I flipped over from the State game they were tied 17 all, then, when I flipped back after the State game, they were being blown out. I didn’t watch enough of the UM game to really comment, other than to say, it seems they are still only able to play for half a game. I hope they can fix that(but not against State thanks!)

Beer: Not much. Drinks were had at the Halloween party the day before. Some awesome home brews from Thile and Triple B Brewery.

Meeting or Exceeding Expectations

Expectations, this weekend were met, yet they were also exceeded by Ole Miss. The team played a complete half of football for the first time this year against Arkansas before returning to form and becoming a hibernating, de-clawed and completely docile bear. If they could play an entire game like they did the first half against Arkansas, then I suspect there wouldn’t be many calls for coaching changes at the school. I’m not going to say much more about the team except this; they keep playing like that and get a little better every week, then they have a good chance of beating MS State in the Egg Bowl this year. Up until the Ole Miss/Arkansas game, I didn’t think they had much chance at all against a very mediocre State team this year, State better pick it up if they want to reach 6-6.

On a side note, how sad is it to be ‘hoping’ for ‘average’? What a great year for Mississippi SEC schools! /sarcasm.

Other teams: I really enjoyed the Wisc./Mich St. and Texas Tech/OK games. I knew Oklahoma was beatable but didn’t see Texas Tech doing the job, and while I feel sorry for my Wisconsin buddy, that was a hell of a game.

Beer: Not much surprisingly. Some more Sam Adams Oktoberfest, and some Lat 48 on Sunday.