So what’s the economic or political answer to ‘rents’?

This evonomics article points out the harsh truth that LAND value increases in the UK are largely what’s responsible for most of the economic ‘growth’ there. (Read the piece!) After reading it, I understand what the author sees as a problem in that ‘owners’ are getting an unearned windfall while those that don’t own land are being screwed. But what is the economic, in this case actually POLITICAL, answer to this ‘problem’?  I’m not sure there is a way out of this trap.  Capitalism often has to be ‘saved’ from the capitalists by politicians, but this time the capitalists have made damn sure they own the means of ‘politics’. Who’s going to save capitalist from themselves this time and how?

Maximize Shareholder Value BS

You always hear that myth that corporation’s first duty is to ‘maximize shareholder value’. Well that’s bunk, and I want an easy place to keep the response when someone tosses that BS my way, so I’m putting it here.

NakedCapitalism has the scoop and ya’ll should check it out. It’s a great econ blog.


Also included on that page: 

Guilty ‘Pleasure’? Definitely NOT the right word. The econ blogs I read more than is good for my happiness.

Calculated Risk. This one can be a bit dry and focused on things I don’t particulary care about.

Economist’s View. This one I check often. It tends to be links to other noteworthy posts on economics and/or policy effects of econ.

House of Debt. Gets deeper than I can understand pretty often. Only check it rarely.

Naked Capitalism. This is one of my favourites and check it more often than any of the rest. The comments on contentious subjects can be even better than the posts. Plus Bill Black often gets quoted here and I really like his take on things.

Mainly Macro. Simon Wren-Lewis’ blog. He often gets quoted on Economist’s View so I like to check out what’s on his mind.

Someone should do this

Why hasn’t someone ‘invented’ a business that does this:

1) Writes proposals for government (federal, state or local) contracts.

2) Learns the ACTUAL people you need to know to get through the bullshit ‘hoops’ that were set up just to prevent ordinary people from participating.

3) Writes those proposals for a fee or percentage?

We need this middleman for small to medium sized companies that can ACTUALLY do a good job for less than the HUGE companies that exploit their knowledge of #2 above, to get way overpaid for the jobs they seem to ALWAYS get.

You don’t pay 500$ for toilet seats unless you’ve specified the seats are made of something incredibly expensive or only one or two HUGE companies know they’re going to get the contract.

PS: I’m way to lazy, unpopular, and ignorant to create this business myself.

A Strange TED controversy

Below is a link to a TED talk that TED decided NOT to show. After watching it, I’m not really sure what the problem is. I’ve seen less interesting, presentations from TED. I’ve seen less sourced presentations from TED. By deciding NOT to show it TED has effectively made this MORE interesting and more likely to be watched by a bigger audience than if they had just posted it up like their normal presentations.

Here is the ‘TED Talk’ that wasn’t: